Magic Store x Step App: Get 30% OFF!

Step App Team
October 9, 2023

Discover the exclusive offer from Step App in partnership with Magic Store! We are thrilled to announce that new users can enjoy an incredible 30% discount on their first GEAR purchase within our app.

An introduction to Step App

We’re is a Web3 move-to-earn app that pays you to move. Earn tokens for every step you take, redeemable for in-app purchases or real money. We believe in the power of movement, promoting physical and mental health while exploring new places and the outdoors. Our platform enables users to effortlessly earn while pursuing their fitness goals, ensuring both health and financial freedom.

What is a SNEAK and how does the offer work?

A SNEAK is a digital in-game asset, also known as GEAR, that plays a crucial role in keeping you active and earning rewards. To kickstart your fitness and wealth journey, we are excited to collaborate with Magic Store and offer an exclusive 30% discount on your first GEAR bundle purchase within the app. In this GEAR bundle you will receive a Common SNEAK and a Rare HEADSET, the perfect combo to start your move-to-earn journey. This discount will pave the way for you to unlock the numerous benefits of our platform and make significant progress towards your goals.

How to claim your 30% off discount:

  1. Download Step App on iOS or Android
  2. Create an account and make sure to activate your discount code within 24 hours after registration
  3. Go to the “Profile Tab”, click “Referral Program”, then “Enter Invite Code”
  4. Enter the code MAGIC30 to claim your reward
  5. Check out the Sales Tab to see the discounted assets available! 
  6. If you decide to try our 7-day free Trial SNEAK first, make sure you purchase your GEAR within 7 days of entering the code as the offer will expire after the 7 days have passed.

P.S. As a welcome present you will also get bonus energy + a gem! :) 

Want to learn more about Step App and getting started? Check out these blog posts: 

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Step App Team
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