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The App For Any Fitness Level

Moving is life

If you can move, you can take strides towards your fitness and mental health goals and that’s all that matters to us.

How will you move?

Doing exercise or just getting a walk something you can look forward to every day.

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One Of The Fastest Growing Ones In The World

Decisions at every step

As we grow, we maintain a community-first, no VCs approach - our community makes the decisions every step of the way.





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We want To Define The Future Of Fitness

Reclaiming Fitness Freedom

Getting fit is a privilege these days.

Gyms, fitness apps, and platforms that already exist out there require you to pay every step of the way and might feel like a chore.

We want to turn things around and make movement a universal right.

Fitness for All, Without the Cost

We offer an accessible alternative to paid fitness that rewards you with KCAL tokens for anything you do - be it a little walk to a grocery store or a high-intensity workout with our AI Coach.

We’re More Than Just An App

Blockchain technology

Step App is part of the Step Ecosystem that makes blockchain technology universally accessible through a series of seamlessly interconnected products - helping people thrive physically, mentally and financially.

Let’s move to earn now