Clash: A New Way to Earn & Compete

Step App Team
June 21, 2023

In the left corner, we have a walker SNEAK, in the right corner we have a coach SNEAK. 

Who will be victorious?

Step App introduces…Clash: a new in-game element that allows players to compete with other players! 

How it works

Players will enter a division where they can compete against each other. To enter the division you will have to pay a fee in ENERGY and FITFI. It is important to know that there are 4 divisions in the Clash experience. The 4 divisions differ based on the rank of the player’s SNEAK (2-5, 6-10, 11-15 and 16+). The higher your SNEAKs rank, the higher the division you can play in and the more KCAL you can get if you win!

So here’s a breakdown of the divisions:

Rank 2-5: Rookie Division

  •  Pay 10 ENERGY and 124 FITFI to enter for a chance to win 5 KCAL

Rank 6-10: Challenger Division

  •  Pay 15 ENERGY and 210 FITFI to enter for a chance to win 10 KCAL

Rank 11-15: Elite Division

  • Pay 20 ENERGY and 412 FITFI to enter for a chance to win 20 KCAL

Rank 16+: Supreme Division

  • Pay 25 ENERGY and 622 FITFI to enter for a chance to win 30 KCAL

Important to note: once you have at least a Rank 2 SNEAK you will be able to participate in the duels.

Once entered into a division, securing victory in a Clash Duel is contingent upon the cumulative stats (attributes) of your SNEAK. The master stat, among the four attributes, exerts the most significant influence on the ultimate outcome. Before entering a division, a master stat is randomly selected for each Clash, with players being unaware of their assigned master stat in advance. The game algorithm assigns weight to each of the four attributes of your SNEAK, contributing to the final score that determines the success or failure of a player in the Clash Duel.

Why people love Clash Duels

  1. Rank utilization:
    we’ve made your SNEAK rank soar in value. Now, the higher your SNEAK’s rank, the more you can earn in Clash Duels. 
  2. Flexibility with earning:
    If you’re having a day when you don't feel like running (maybe it’s raining, you’re feeling sick or it’s simply a rest day) you can enter into Duels so you don’t miss a day of earning with Step App.
  3. New In-Game Experience:
    We’ve taken the gaming mode to another level and made the overall experience super smooth & intuitive (thank you design and dev team!). Enjoy a new way to play, compete and earn in style.


Players have the option to purchase two types of booster bundles from the sales tab using KCAL. It's crucial to understand that each booster bundle exclusively contains either all Booster 1 or all Booster 2. In preparation for a new Clash Duel, players have the flexibility to employ up to two boosters to enhance their likelihood of victory. Once utilized in a battle, the booster is deducted from the player's inventory. Players can opt to use up to two boosters simultaneously or separately, offering strategic flexibility in maximizing their chances of success in Clash Duels.

SNEAK CARE: This booster increases your stats randomly up to 20%. The percentage varies between 10-20% and is randomly generated each time.

CHEWING GUM -  Think of it like getting chewing gum stuck under your shoe. This booster decreases your opponent’s total score or progress bar by 15-25%.

So let’s do a quick recap on our Clashes:

Step 1: Click ‘Clash’ banner on your home screen

Step 2: Enter a room

Step 3: Choose your SNEAK (of Rank 2 or higher)

Step 4: Select up to 2 boosters (this is optional)

Step 5: Wait until your opponent is chosen and the countdown begins. You will be able to see your opponent’s name and SNEAK on screen.

Step 6: The 2 SNEAKS will be put SNEAK-to-SNEAK on-screen and the winning attribute of the clash will be displayed 

Step 7: A screen will show you the 2 SNEAKs as well as their SNEAK type, level, rank, boosters used and battle progress

Step 8: The winner and the prize will be highlighted. You can then click to exit the room. Your KCAL reward is automatically added to your inventory (if you are the winner of the duel).

Check your Clash Stats 

You will also be able to see Clash duel stats in the app. Firstly, when you are clicking into a room you will be able to preview the top 5 players across all rooms in terms of TOP KCAL EARNED or TOP DUELS WON. 

If you want to see more details about your own Clash Stats you can find these in your profile tab. Click “See More” for the full details. This data is also published to the leaderboard tab so you can check it out there under the ‘Clash’ section off the leaderboard located in the top right corner.

So, check out your stats and compare them to your friends. You will be able to see your:

  • Total KCAL won
  • Total duels won
  • Most visited division
  • Most played SNEAK

Still have more questions about Clashes? Submit any questions here and we will update the blog with answers!

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