New Features Alert: Subscriptions and Avatars

Step App Team
November 9, 2023

We've got something new for you in store: brand new subscription options that come bundled with awesome in-app avatars, giving you guys an enhanced experience with access to a range of exclusive app features. Check out our Subscriptions to enhance and customise your in-game experience! 


Our subscription plans take your app experience to the next level, unlocking a world of possibilities. We've created two unique subscription tiers to fit your individual needs. And because we value flexibility, we're offering two subscription periods: monthly and annual. Are you ready to take your app experience up a notch?


Standard Subscription includes: Higher chest levels, Merge discount 10%, 10 Unique Avatars. Montly payment is 4.99$, Annual payment is 29.99$ (50% savings monthly)
Pro Montly Subscription includes: 10% on Repair, Bonus Energy limit 20%, Merge Discount - 15%, Higher chest levels, 30 Unique Avatars. Montly payment is 17.99$, Annual payment is 99.99$ (50% savings monthly)


Our priority is boosting profitability, earnings and overall enjoyment for you guys every step of the way - that’s why we introduced these subscriptions. The best part is, with these subscriptions you also now get to unlock awesome rewards every month! 

While our team cooked up these epic subscriptions, we knew we wanted to enhance your in-app journey with more personalisation options. That's why we've introduced avatars as part of the subscription, allowing every subscribed user the opportunity to add their personal touch to their account.


Ready to reap the benefits of Subscriptions? Here’s how you can do it: 

  1. Click on the profile tab in the app to access subscriptions. 
  2. Select and pay for your desired subscription. 

It’s that easy! 

Your subscription will kick in automatically once you have paid and will renew monthly or annually depending on the subscription you choose! 

Over time, our subscription rewards will keep getting better, and here's the exciting part: If you go for the 12-month subscription, you'll automatically get all the perks from future updates without any extra charges.

What's even more convenient, these subscriptions are set up through the official iOS App and Google Play Stores, making payment a breeze with your card!


Meet Step App Avatars - your new way to show off your personality and make a stylish statement in-app! They're here to bring a bit more of "you" into your gaming experience, making your journey with us even more immersive and personal.

Preview of 6 avatars available. Picture is decorative.

Avatars are available exclusively for our subscribed users. And here's the kicker—the level of your subscription decides how many avatars you get. With the Standard Subscription you’ve got 10 avatars to choose from, and if you're a Pro Subscriber, you're in for a treat with a whopping 30 avatars at your disposal!

Avatars are your ticket to elevating your in-game style and letting your unique personality shine. So don't wait—subscribe now and flaunt your style with one of our team’s personal favourite updates yet! 

We'd absolutely love to know what you think about this latest addition to Step App. Drop us a line through our Google Form, we're as pumped about this release as you are! 😄

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