Step App October Recap: Magic Store Deals, Step App Brand Squad and a New Team Addition

Step App Team
November 7, 2023

October was an exciting month for steppers, featuring deals, new in-game features and much more…

Here is a quick recap from our team about the amazing accomplishments that happened during October.

Magic Store Deals - Sophie, Marketing Manager

In case you missed it, Step App is now on the Magic Store and we’re confidently leading in the Lifestyle Category!

In October, we Steppers who found their way to the Step App via Magic Store an exclusive discount in-app to get started on their Step journey.

Check out Step App on Magic Store.

Subscriptions and Products - Mitya, Head of Product

New in-game features alert! We’ve launched brand new subscription options that come bundled with awesome in-app avatars, giving steppers an enhanced experience with access to a range of exclusive app features. Check out our Subscriptions to enhance and customise your in-game experience! 

Learn about the subscriptions feature in our Help Center articles.

Step App Brand Squad - Amara, Content Manager

In October we introduced our Brand Squad! These inspiring individuals embody the spirit of Step App and bring an exciting energy to our community. Each member of our brand squad has a unique story, background, and passion for health and wellness.

If you are passionate about health and fitness, we would love to hear from you too! Join our Brand Squad to be part of our core community, creating engaging content and inspiring others on their wellness journey. Connect with us to express your interest! 

Learn more about how to become a brand ambassador.

New Team Addition - Kirill, CEO

Last but not least, we are excited to let you guys know that we have added a new member to our team. Welcome to Pauline, our Head of Growth. Pauline will be working with Step App to propel our growth into new and existing marketing and find ways to make Step App more engaging for all of you. Here’s a short note from Pauline to you all: 

Hey guys! Super excited to be part of the team. I’m honoured to join Step at a time when a lot of exciting changes are around the corner, and my main objective here is that as many people around the globe get to know about these changes and join the Step movement! LFG!

October has been a month of significant milestones for the Step App team. From the introduction of Magic Store deals to new team members and so much more. We can’t wait to see what November brings!

As always, we value your opinion. Feel free to leave us feedback.

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