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Become a Step App Ambassador

Turn your social influence into earnings
earn USDT commissions when you share Step App with your audience
Join us in growing our community (and your income streams) together!


Sign up to be an ambassador

Apply by filling out the form below. Our team will review your application to ensure THERE IS A MATCH
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Share your ambassador code

Share your unique code (accessible in your Step App profile) with your community. The more people you share it with, the higher your potential earnings each month
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Earn USDT monthly

Each successful sign-up, KCAL deposit and GEAR purchase using your ambassador code will put USDT in your pocket
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Earn with Step App Commissions


Personal invite code
earn up TO $18.50
per successful referral

For each successful referral, you can get up to $18.50, plus a percentage of earnings on each of your friends’ runs


You earn:

per successful app sign-up (install + registration)
per 40 KCAL deposited in app
per HEADSET purchase
per SNEAK purchase
+ GET A % OF $KCAL ON EACH OF your FRIENDS’ runs. More info on our referral program here.

For example, if you attract a Step App user who signs up for the app, you will receive $0.50, but if the user additionally deposits 40 KCAL and PURCHASES a SNEAK, you will receive $0.50 + $3.00 + $10.00= $13.50

p.s. Your friends will get a welcome present too when using your referral code!
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Rewards distributed monthly. Payment in USDT.

Rewards paid out since program launch:

$15,780 USDT

What our Ambassadors Say

I would recommend Step App’s Ambassador program to anyone who wants to earn with little effort. The program is super easy to join: you just need to provide your payment details and start sharing your code with peers. I got instant rewards after month 1 & the distribution goes automatically!


Ambassador Program Benefits

Unlimited Ambassador earnings
Help us grow the Step App family by inviting more users into the app
Promote Step App through co-hosted AMAs (yes, you will get loads of exposure)
Become the face of the brand when we host (virtual) events & campaigns
Become an integral part of the Step App community. Be the first to know about new updates as you will help spread the word to our communities
You will automatically become a member of our referral program AND  earn even more. for each of your referees’ runs you will get a % of KCAL

Am I eligible to become a Step App Ambassador?

Phones in hand

YOU ARE OR WANT TO become a user of Step App. Download the iOS or Android app if you haven’t done so, and feel free to reach out if you need help getting started

YOU ARE active on at least 1 of the following social media platforms: Twitter, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, Telegram, Discord

YOU Have a reasonable amount of followers on at least 1 of these platforms. Apply if you think you're a good fit, we aren't only about numbers, we are about impact

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We look forward to reviewing your application.