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November 17, 2022

It's time to get moving with Step App. In this article we will be walking you through the first steps you need to take to get started with Step App. We'll be explaining the process from the moment you download the App to your first run and earning KCAL. These are the key steps we are going to go into more detail about: downloading the app, connecting a wallet, purchasing KCAL, depositing KCAL, buying GEAR, getting moving and earning.

Let's begin. Take a look at this video below and the steps to getting started.

Step 1: Downloading the App

To start your fitness journey with Step App you will have to download the app. After you download the app, register and make an account using your email address.

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Step 2: Connecting a Wallet

In the app you use FITFI and KCAL to purchase GEAR, play and earn! You will have to use KCAL to purchase your first piece of GEAR so it is important that you have this token in your wallet to begin. To access these tokens in-game you have to connect an external wallet. To do this go to

For Android Users Only:

If you don't already have a wallet, you can create a Step App wallet in-app. When you create your wallet, remember to write down and safely store your wallet's unique seed phrase offline. Make sure you DO NOT LOSE IT. We recommend storing it offline to keep it as safe as possible and prevent hackers from accessing your funds.

Step 3: Purchasing KCAL

When you have your wallet set up, if you don't already have KCAL you can purchase it from Centralised Exchanges such as Bybit, OKX or Huobi or on our Step Network Decentralised Exchange at

If you bought your KCAL from an exchange that is not connected to the Step Network, you will have to transfer your KCAL from Avalanche to Step Network. If this sounds a little confusing, check out this blog post for more information and details.

Step 4: Depositing KCAL

To make sure that you send your KCAL to the correct wallet hit "RECEIVE" on the wallet you want to transfer your KCAL into. Android users can do this on the Android version of Step App, iOS users will have to do this using our Web App

After you click "RECEIVE", copy your wallet address and send your KCAL to this address. Now your KCAL will be in your Web Wallet. To actually be able to use your tokens in-game you will need to deposit it into your in-app Spending Wallet.

More details on these steps can be found at When you login, click on the "DEPOSIT" button in the top right of the menu bar and you will be walked through a series of steps that help you to easily deposit your KCAL into your Spending Wallet.

Click on "Deposit" in your Web Wallet for step-by-step instructions on how to deposit FITFI

Step 5: Buying GEAR

Once your wallet is set up and you have deposited KCAL into your Spending Wallet, your next step is to buy GEAR.

For new users, your initial purchase can only be made via the Sales Tab using KCAL, which is why we suggest that you deposit KCAL into your Spending Wallet first so you can purchase your first in-app GEAR.

First time GEAR buyers will automatically be given an exclusive, limited-time discount, valid for 7 days after you register your new account, with savings of up to 25%. You will have the following options to choose from:

  • 20% Discount on a Common SNEAK
  • 20% Discount on a Rare HEADSET
  • The Ultimate 25% Off Bundle that includes a Common SNEAK and a Rare HEADSET.

The discount is automatically applied to your profile and can only be used once, so make the most of it (you might want to purchase a bundle to get the most value for money). 

After you purchase your first piece of GEAR you will unlock our extensive marketplace where you can browse, explore and purchase even more GEAR and items such as GEMs to enhance your earning experience.

Here's what you need to know about GEAR:

  1. There are two types of GEAR in-app: SNEAKs and HEADSETs and they can be purchased in the Marketplace using FITFI after you make your first GEAR purchase in our Sales Tab
  2. To start earning you will need to have at least one type of GEAR when you go on your walks, jogs or runs, but there is no limit to how many SNEAKs or HEADSETs you purchase, you can buy as much as you would like.
  3. There is a wide-selection of GEAR options in the in-app marketplace so you can select an item that suits your style and lifestyle best. If you choose a shoebox you will be able to see the sneaker type and quality but you will get a surprise, random SNEAK. 

Step 6: Getting Moving!

After you buy your GEAR, you will have to wait for your energy to build up as the first GEAR you buy will come with 0 energy. When you have enough energy you will be able to go for your first run. Your energy will be full after 23 hours. Having a full energy bar means that you will be able to walk, jog, or run for more time than if your energy was only a quarter or half full. 

Before you start your first run make sure that your location services are switched on. Once your GEAR's energy has built up, all that's left to do is get moving! To begin moving and earning,  go to the GEAR you just bought, click on EQUIP and then hit the RUN button. You can earn while wearing both SNEAKs and HEADSETs.

Remember how we mentioned your SNEAK type will be an important factor to consider? Well, this is how it matters. When you have started moving, to earn you will need to be moving within the speed interval of your SNEAK type. On-screen in the app your speed will be displayed. If you are in the green you are earning, if you are in the red that means you are not moving at the required speed for your SNEAK which means you are not earning.

When you are ready to end your movement for the day click on the "Stop" button and then end your run. At the end of your walk, jog, or run a summary will pop up with key metrics.

Step 7: Earning

And just like that, you've earned your first KCAL tokens! After a run users can also get chests that contain valuable in-game items so make sure to check and see what you got! You can use your KCAL in the app for repairing your GEAR, levelling up your GEAR, opening chests, minting SNEAKs and much more. All of these in-app uses of KCAL help users to build fun, new income streams through trading, minting SNEAKs and more. You can even trade your KCAL on exchanges to get stablecoins! 

Have more questions? Or just want to learn more? Head over to or check out our other tutorials for a deeper dive into each topic. 

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