A Beginners Guide to Move to Earn Game Step App

Step App Team
January 22, 2024

Step App: Your Gateway to Earning Through Fitness

Introduction to Move-to-Earn with Step App

What is Move-to-Earn (M2E)?

Move-to-Earn (M2E) is a revolutionary concept that brings together physical activity and cryptocurrency rewards, creating a unique and rewarding experience for users. At the forefront of this movement is Step App, a platform designed to incentivize fitness and wellness through blockchain-based tokens.

Learn more about differences between Move-to-Earn and Play-to-Earn.

The Rise of Fitness and Finance with Step App

Step App has pioneered the fusion of fitness and finance, introducing a groundbreaking approach to wellness. Users can now earn tokens for their physical activities, transforming exercise routines into profitable ventures. This innovative intersection of fitness and finance is gaining traction, redefining how individuals perceive and engage with their well-being.

Why Should You Care About Move To Earn?

The Move-to-Earn concept offers compelling reasons to engage in fitness activities. By earning rewards through Step App, users not only enhance their physical health but also delve into the world of decentralized finance. This win-win scenario motivates people to prioritize fitness while taking advantage of the thriving crypto ecosystem.

Getting Started with Step App

Step 1: Downloading and Setting Up the App

Embarking on your Move-to-Earn journey begins with a simple yet crucial step – downloading and setting up the Step App. 

Step App is available on both iOS and Android platforms. Head to the App Store or Google Play Store and install Step App. Once the installation is complete, open the Step App on your device. If you're a new user, you'll need to register by providing essential details such as your email address. Follow the on-screen prompts to create a secure account. This may involve setting up a username and password. 

Verify your email address through the confirmation link sent to your registered email. This step ensures the security of your account. 

To start Move-to-Earn with Step App you need to connect your wallet. After this step, you can try the Step App with a free 7-day Trial Sneak, or buy your first Sneak or Headset and start earning KCAL tokens.

To easily start your Move-to-Earn journey with Step App, you can also follow our prepared tutorial in our Help Centre.

Step 2: Understanding the Features

AI Workouts: Your Personal Fitness Trainer

Step App's AI Workouts transform your home workouts into a rewarding experience. Here's an overview of main features of AI Workouts:

Main Features of AI Workouts Description
Personalized Workouts Tailored exercise programs based on your fitness level and preferences
Real-time Tracking The camera monitors your movements during exercises
AI Analysis Receive scores and tips for each repetition, impacting your overall reward
Reward System Higher scores result in more substantial token rewards
Flexibility Pause or finish your training at any time, with post-training summaries highlighting your performance and KCAL rewards

The AI Workouts offers an engaging and profitable way to enhance your fitness routine at home.

KCAL Marketplace: Earn and Spend Wellness

In the Step App, the KCAL marketplace serves as a central hub where users can spend tokens. This marketplace opens up opportunities to purchase in-game assets, enhancing the overall Move-to-Earn experience. In addition, the latest introduction is the Partners Marketplace. Here, Step App users can spend their KCAL for Exclusive Partner Offers.

Step 3: Earning Rewards

How Walking, Running, and Exercising Pay Off

In the Step App ecosystem, your physical activity directly translates into tangible rewards. Whether you're walking, running, engaging in AI Workouts, or participating in Clash Duels, every move counts towards earning KCAL tokens.

When you walk or run with your equipped Sneaks or Headsets, the app gauges your activity level, tying your rewards to your movement. The AI Workouts offer a personalized fitness experience where your performance, as evaluated by the AI, determines your KCAL earnings. 

Inviting Friends: Earn More Together

Step App encourages a sense of community by rewarding users for inviting friends. A rewarding referral program allows you to unlock exclusive benefits. Friends receive 10 bonus Energy and a random gem upon sign-up, while you, as the referrer, earn up to 20% of their KCAL for every run. There are no limits to how many friends you can refer.

What Sets Step App Apart?

Own Unique Assets: Watches, Sneakers, Headphones

Step App introduces a range of unique in-game assets designed to amplify your earnings and make your fitness journey even more rewarding.

Sneaks are Step App's in-app assets designed to cater to various fitness levels, ensuring that everyone can find the perfect fit. With different types of Sneaks offering varying speed intervals, from casual walks to high-intensity runs, you have the flexibility to choose the gear that aligns with your preferred workout intensity. SNEAKs also unlock Clash Duels, providing an opportunity to increase your earnings on days when traditional movement may not be feasible. Additionally, the ability to upgrade your SNEAK through gems, stat rerolls, and levelling up ensures a personalized and ever-evolving fitness experience.

Headsets are another essential asset in the Step App ecosystem. Designed to be worn individually or paired with a SNEAK for enhanced earning capabilities. By wearing both a SNEAK and a HEADSET during your activities, you can maximize your KCAL earnings. Their lower cost makes Step App even more accessible, welcoming users to embark on their fitness journey with ease.

Watches are limited-edition items that serve to boost your earnings significantly. Unlike other gear, Watches can only be worn together with a Sneak, adding a layer of exclusivity. With variations like Rare, Epic, and Legendary, Watches boosts Sneak's activity attribute, contributing to higher earnings.

Step App in Numbers: A Look at the Community and Achievements

Step App's popularity is constantly growing and Step App can boast a widespread community of users from more than 100 countries around the world. Step App is active on all the most popular social platforms with a total of over 400,000 followers. Users are Step App's most important asset, so community support is regularly appreciated with various community events, including contests with impressive prize pools of up to $10,000.

Partnerships and Ecosystem: Expanding the Experience

The Step App ecosystem encompasses a wide array of decentralized applications (dApps) that enhance the overall user experience (UX). Alongside the Move-to-Earn application, users have access to the non-custodial wallet Step Wallet, the launchpad StepLaunch, and the decentralized exchange StepEx.

Among our essential infrastructure partners, Avalanche holds a key position, while payments are facilitated through the support of Mercuryo. We extend our gratitude to over 15 exchanges where Step App tokens KCAL and FITFI are readily available.

Our latest introduction, the Partners Marketplace, stands as a testament to our commitment to excellence. This marketplace features many world-renowned companies in the fields of Sports, Fitness, Wellness, Entertainment, and Consumer.

Understanding the Technology Behind Step App

The Step Network: Empowering Fitness Finance

The technological backbone of Step App is the Step Network, a powerful force driving the integration of fitness and finance. This decentralized network built as a subnet on Avalanche ensures a transparent and secure environment for users.

FITFI and KCAL: The Tokens Fueling Your Fitness

FITFI and KCAL tokens play a pivotal role in the Step App ecosystem. FITFI, serving as a governance token, is utilized for paying fees on Step Network and within the Step App. Earnings in the Step App are disbursed in KCAL and can be employed in the Step App Marketplace. Additionally, KCAL can be utilized for various in-game actions, such as merging Gems and minting Sneaks, making it an in-game token.

Staking, Trading, and More: Advanced Features for Users

Step App offers advanced features such as staking and trading, adding layers to the Move-to-Earn experience. Users can explore these functionalities to optimise their financial gains.

Maximizing Your Move-to-Earn Experience

Tips for Beginners: How to Make the Most of Step App

Step App users can enhance their income by implementing numerous strategies, including various in-game actions:

Action Explanation
Strategic Gear Selection Choose your initial Sneak wisely, aligning with your fitness routine and goals for optimal earnings.
Engage in Clash Duels Participate in Clash Duels for additional earning opportunities, boosting your KCAL even on less active days.
Gem Insertion for Enhancement Strategically use gems to enhance your gear attributes, unlocking at specific levels to maximize overall earning potential.
Minting for Profit Explore the minting process to create new earning gear like Sneaks and Headsets, ensuring efficiency to maximize in-game assets.
Referral Program Advantage Leverage the referral program to boost earnings. Share your code for bonus energy and gems, earning a percentage of referrals' KCAL.
AI Workouts for Extra Rewards Incorporate AI Workouts, aligning with app camera requirements for added rewards based on performance in the workout sessions.

By following these tips, beginners can navigate the Step App effectively, unlocking the full potential of fitness-driven earnings.

Community and Support: Where to Find Help and Inspiration

Step App fosters a vibrant community where users can find support and inspiration. Join the Step App Discord and Telegram to hang out with fun, like-minded and helpful community members.

Embracing a Healthier, Wealthier Lifestyle with Step App

The Future of Fitness and Finance

Step App envisions a future where fitness and finance coexist seamlessly. The platform continues to innovate, offering users exciting prospects in the evolving landscape of wellness and decentralized finance.

Join the Movement: How to Become Part of the Step Community

In conclusion, the Step App invites individuals to join the movement. Becoming part of the Step community means embracing a healthier, wealthier lifestyle, where fitness is not just a personal endeavour but a rewarding collective experience.

Step App Team
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