What’s the Move to Earn (M2E) in Crypto

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January 17, 2024

Move to Earn (M2E) transforms fitness and finance by merging physical activity with cryptocurrency rewards. Unlike virtual counterparts like Play to Earn (P2E), M2E incentivizes users with real-world activities like walking and running, utilizing GPS, NFTs, and blockchain. Apps like Step App offer diverse earnings through exercise and in-game activities. The future holds promising trends with technological advancements and collaborations, transforming how we perceive fitness incentives. Move to Earn innovative approach invites individuals to a future where every move leads to both physical and financial gains.

Key Takeaways

  • What is Move to Earn: It is a concept used in blockchain applications that allow fitness enthusiasts to earn Crypto tokens while they are physically active.
  • Ways to earn: Move to Earn applications not only reward physical activities but also incorporate game mechanics, broadening the range of ways to earn. Some of the ways of earning are physical activities, minting new NFTs, trading NFTs, participating in challenges, and so on.
  • Why M2E is the future of fitness: M2E has a huge potential to improve the quality of users' lives by providing additional motivational elements for people who want to start or develop their physical well-being. Motivating aspects include the opportunity to gain financially, socialize, and enjoy exciting game elements.

What is move to earn?

Move to Earn (M2E), which started gaining popularity in early 2022, has become a revolutionary concept in the cryptocurrency space, offering users rewards in crypto tokens for engaging in different kinds of fitness activities. Unlike Play to Earn (P2E) games, which focus on virtual activities, M2E encourages physical exercise at its core, thus making fitness a rewarding and exciting experience.

Definition and basic concept of M2E

Move to Earn is all about users earning cryptocurrency rewards through physical activity, e.g. walking, running, cycling, etc. The integration of technologies such as GPS, NFT, blockchain and cryptocurrencies creates a seamless experience where users are rewarded for moving around in the physical world.

The Mechanics of Move to Earn

Earning is a key aspect of Move to Earn (M2E) apps, offering users various ways to generate income through their activities. This innovative approach not only promotes physical health but also provides financial incentives, making fitness more rewarding than ever before.

Earning through Exercising

Users earn rewards by moving around and engaging in exercises in the real world. Whether it's walking, running, cycling or exercising, these activities are converted into crypto tokens, creating a direct correlation between physical activity and rewards. M2E apps use technologies like GPS, NFT and blockchain to track physical movements and reward users with crypto tokens. For example, Step App uses KCAL Token (KCAL) to reward users during their fitness journeys.

Earning through Trading

In-game assets and NFTs are tradable assets on secondary markets. Users can use minting functions to create new NFTs for more profit. This economic aspect enhances the gaming experience by allowing users to trade items such as Sneak NFTs, Gems, Boxes, etc.

Staking for Rewards

Staking means depositing crypto assets to earn additional interest. Many M2E platforms provide staking of crypto tokens used in M2E apps. In addition, staking can also be considered the removal of NFTs from circulation, for example, Step App users can put Sneak or Headset on the shelf forever, thus increasing their earning capabilities.

Play to Earn (P2E) vs. Move to Earn (M2E)

P2E and M2E often get confused with each other. Even though they have some similarities, the main concepts are vastly different. Thoroughly about these aspects (earning, rewards, opportunity to exchange and other features) in the following table:

Features Play to Earn (P2E) Move to Earn (M2E)
Earning Mechanism Playing games and completing missions on PC or Mobile Physical activities in the real world, fitness challenges, virtual game activities
Types of Rewards Crypto tokens, NFTs and in-game items Crypto tokens, NFTs and in-game items
Opportunity to Exchange Marketplaces and gaming ecosystems Marketplaces, exchanges
Volume/Marketcap $483M / $9,083M $105M / $655M

The Best Move to Earn Apps To Dive in TODAY

Now that we have acknowledged the main concepts and differences between M2E and P2E, the new question arises: which app to choose to get into the M2E universe? Many apps are presented on the market, but it's better to choose from the best ones, right? Let's compare and pinpoint key aspects when picking your first app.

Choosing the Best Move to Earn App

When you choose the ideal Move to Earn app, you need to consider several different aspects.

Each platform caters to different preferences, so assessing your fitness goals and preferred blockchain ecosystem will help you find the app that aligns with your needs. Whether you prioritize innovative gameplay, partnerships with health organizations, or cross-blockchain compatibility, the diverse options in the Move to Earn landscape offer something for everyone.

  • Blockchain compatibility,
  • The type of reward (tokens, in-game assets etc.),
  • Possibilities to exchange earnings,
  • Earning mechanisms depending on your interests: Type of physical activity (running, walking, cycling, exercising), Gaming functionality, Minting new in-game assets, Lottery, Community engagement and overall user experience.

Step App

One of the most popular M2E apps that has proven itself to be cutting edge and focused on rapid long-term development and growth.

Step App


  • Step App features an intuitive and user-friendly interface, making it accessible to any user.
  • Runs on the Avalanche subnet.
  • The team is constantly introducing improvements and new features.
  • First to introduce novel AI Workouts, which allow users to earn even more by doing Artificial Intelligence assisted fitness workouts.
  • Wide range of earning opportunities.


  • Complex onboarding process for Web2 users.
  • You must buy a sneaker NFT to earn crypto after the 7-day trial period.


StepN is the originator of the popularity of Move to Earn, which gave an impetus to the growth of new projects in this field.



  • First-mover advantage helped attract a large number of users.
  • A convenient interface and functionality help every user in their Move to Earn journey.


  • Runs on Solana blockchain that has experienced multiple outages.
  • Hyper-inflationary rewards system.
  • Complex onboarding process for Web2 users.


A popular Move to Earn application that offers users a wide range of functions and flexible earning options.



  • Walken users enjoy Friendly UI and UX.
  • Free users can earn, albeit a very small amount.
  • Includes M2E and P2E activities.


  • Runs on Solana blockchain that has experienced multiple outages.
  • Some wrong decisions have caused significant user churn.
  • Complex onboarding process for Web2 users.

Sweatcoin (Sweat Economy)

Sweatcoin is a project different from the M2E projects mentioned above, as its economy is based on partner offers and ad consumption incentives.



  • Low barrier to entry, no initial investment is required to start earning.
  • You can donate your earned tokens.
  • Users can participate in Lucky draws by watching partners' ads.
  • Marketplace offers healthcare and fitness products in exchange for tokens.


  • Lower earnings compared to projects listed above.
  • Offers less motivation for users to be physically active compared to the above projects.
  • Complex onboarding process for Web2 users.


Genopets is a combination of M2E and P2E, hence their Move to Play designation. The game is based on a virtual pet that develops in parallel with your physical activities - walking or running.



  • Genopets is especially attractive to people who like games.
  • Can start using without initial investment.
  • The game aspect of the application is especially developed.


  • Runs on Solana blockchain that has experienced multiple outages.
  • Less attractive to users who do not enjoy games.
  • Complex onboarding process for Web2 users.

The Future of Move to Earn

In previous years, the Crypto industry experienced an exodus of users and capital. It was closely related to macroeconomic processes. Despite this, the strongest M2E projects continued to develop and now that positive macroeconomic and crypto market trends are visible, the Move to Earn sector is poised for continued growth, with increasing user adoption and innovative features driving its evolution. Trends indicate a convergence of fitness and finance, creating a sustainable and dynamic ecosystem.

Market Directions and Potential Developments

Expect advancements in technology integration, broader blockchain adoption, and collaborations with health organizations, establishing Move to Earn as a significant force in both the gaming and fitness industries. As a sign of rapid development, we are already seeing Step App implementing AI technologies. Sustainability will be crucial for long-term success. User engagement, evolving gameplay mechanics, and real-world impact will play an essential role in thriving in the competitive landscape.

Future of M2E Apps

In the future, we will see the emergence of new platforms, as well as the rapid development of existing projects. The gamification element will improve, new ways of earning will be introduced, and user onboarding will be simplified. Move to Earn is on the trajectory to become a mainstream phenomenon, revolutionizing how we perceive fitness and incentives.


How does Move to Earn work?

Move to Earn apps leverage technologies like GPS, AI, NFT, and blockchain to track user movements. Users earn rewards by engaging in fitness and in-game activities, and these rewards can be traded or staked for additional earnings.

What is the best Move to Earn app?

The best app depends on individual preferences. Consider factors like blockchain compatibility, earning mechanisms, and community engagement.

Is it possible to earn crypto without a deposit?

Yes, there are Move to Earn platforms that allow users to earn crypto rewards without a deposit.

Are M2E apps only suitable for pro runners?

No, Move to Earn apps cater to users of all fitness levels. Whether you walk, run, or exercise these apps reward physical activity of various forms and complexities.

How much crypto can I earn from the M2E app?

Earnings vary based on factors like activity level, platform mechanics, and market conditions. Some users have reported substantial returns, but results may vary.

What's the main difference between M2E and P2E?

While both involve earning through gaming, P2E focuses on virtual activities, whereas M2E integrates physical exercises into the earning process, bridging the gap between the virtual and physical worlds.

Is Move to Earn the Future of Fitness?

Move to Earn represents a transformative approach to fitness and finance as it aligns incentives for a healthier lifestyle. Ongoing innovations and growing adoption are pointing towards a lasting positive impact on the fitness industry and users' well-being.

Final Thoughts

Move to Earn is not just a trend, it's a paradigm shift in both the fitness and crypto industries. As technology continues to intertwine with our daily lives, the fusion of finance and fitness in the Move to Earn landscape opens new opportunities for exploration. Whether you're a fitness enthusiast or captivated by the intersection of technology and well-being, Move to Earn propels you into a future where every move translates into both physical and financial gains.

If you have any questions about how the app works, please refer to our beginner's guide for more information.

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