Top Apps That Pay You To Walk

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January 30, 2024

In an era where fitness and finance intertwine innovatively, the rise of apps that pay you for being physically active marks a transformative trend in the wellness industry. These applications, emerging as a significant force in 2024, redefine the nexus between physical activity and financial gain. They cater to a growing health-conscious society, leveraging mobile technology to integrate exercise seamlessly into everyday life. By offering rewards for walking, these apps resonate with a modern audience seeking flexible earning opportunities while addressing social and environmental concerns. This article delves into the fascinating world of 'pay for walk' apps, exploring their mechanism, benefits, and the leading platforms in this dynamic sector.

Key Takeaways 

Innovative Fitness Trend: Apps that pay users for being physically active are revolutionizing the fitness industry by merging health and financial incentives.

Diverse Features and Rewards: These apps, like Step App and Stepn, offer a range of functionalities, from AI integration to various rewards, catering to different fitness preferences.

Transformative Impact on Users: Real-life stories reveal how these apps have positively influenced users' physical and financial well-being, encouraging a healthier, more active lifestyle.

A New Lifestyle Approach: This trend symbolizes a shift towards integrating fitness with financial benefits, appealing to a modern audience in a sedentary world.

What is the App That Pays You to Walk? Exploring the Best in 2024

In recent years, the fitness industry has seen a transformative trend with the emergence of apps that reward users for walking. These apps have revolutionized the concept of earning, blending physical activity with financial gain.

The Rise of Pay for Walk Apps

The rise of 'pay for walk' apps is a phenomenon born out of a growing health consciousness and the ubiquity of mobile technology. These apps, leveraging the accessibility of smartphones and fitness trackers, offer an innovative way to integrate exercise into daily life by rewarding users for walking. Their popularity is further fueled by the appeal of earning incentives in an economy increasingly oriented towards flexible earning opportunities. Additionally, these apps respond to social and environmental concerns by promoting a sustainable mode of transport and encouraging community engagement through fitness challenges. The COVID-19 pandemic also played a role, as these apps offered a flexible fitness option during times of restricted outdoor activities. Overall, 'pay for walk' apps have emerged as a significant trend, reflecting a modern approach to combining fitness, technology, and personal finance.

Understanding the Move-to-Earn Trend

The Move-to-Earn trend capitalizes on the simple idea of earning rewards through physical movement. It merges fitness with financial incentives, encouraging people to stay active by offering tangible rewards like digital currencies, in-game assets or gift cards for their daily steps or exercise routines. Leveraging the widespread use of smartphones and fitness trackers, these apps make tracking and rewarding movement easy and accessible to all. This trend not only motivates healthier living but also aligns with the increasing interest in eco-friendly lifestyles, as it promotes walking and other sustainable forms of movement. Essentially, Move-to-Earn represents a novel approach that intertwines physical well-being with the digital economy, making fitness both fun and financially rewarding.

How do apps that pay you to walk work?

Apps that pay you to walk or engage in other physical activities utilize smartphone and fitness tracker data to monitor movement. Some apps go beyond counting steps, employing smartphone cameras to track various types of physical activities. This advanced tracking allows for a broader recognition of users' physical efforts.

The tracked activity is then converted into rewards, which vary from points redeemable for goods and services to cryptocurrency and in-games assets (NFTs). This innovative approach not only motivates regular exercise but also expands accessibility, appealing to a wider audience by recognizing different forms of movement.

In essence, these apps encourage healthier lifestyles by offering tangible incentives for a range of physical activities, making fitness both enjoyable and rewarding.

Top Apps That Pay You to Walk

Features Step App StepN Sweat Economy Walken Genopets Dotmoovs
Walking/running ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️ ✔️
Fitness Workouts ✔️
Play-to-Earn elements ✔️
✔️ ✔️
AI/Augmented reality ✔️

Step App: A Comprehensive Overview

Step App has emerged as a standout player in the move-to-earn trend, particularly notable for its successful launch, which was one of the most impressive among Move-to-Earn projects. The app has been community-driven since its inception, gaining further recognition through its association with brand ambassador Usain Bolt, the fastest man on the planet. This celebrity endorsement has significantly contributed to its popularity and acceptance.


User-Friendly Interface: Step App is acclaimed for its intuitive design, making it easy for users of all tech levels to navigate and use the app effectively.

Diverse Activity Tracking: Beyond just counting steps, Step App may offer the ability to track various types of physical activities, catering to different fitness preferences.

Wide Range of Rewards: The app offers diverse rewards, including digital currency, in-game assets, and other incentives, making it appealing to a broad user base.

Gamification Elements: The app incorporates elements of gamification, allowing users to implement different strategies to get better earnings. Step App also offers Clash Duels, a one-to-one battle game where opponents compare their in-game gear.

Strong Community Aspect: Step App fosters a sense of community among its users, encouraging engagement through social features, challenges, and competitions.

Stable Game Economy: Step App is recognized for its stable game economy, ensuring a balanced and sustainable environment for users to earn and engage.


Need for Consistent Activity: To earn significant rewards, users need to maintain a consistent level of physical activity, which might be challenging for some.

Web2 user onboarding: users who have not encountered Web3 applications may find it difficult to start using the application at first.

Other Notable Apps in the Market


Stepn recognized as the pioneering Move-to-Earn (M2E) blockchain game, sparked the M2E trend globally. Operating on the Solana blockchain, it offered a lucrative opportunity for users to earn by simply walking or running, using special Stepn NFT sneakers.


Innovative GPS and Motion Tracking: Stepn's use of GPS and motion tracking technology for exercise tracking has been groundbreaking, offering an immersive and accurate fitness experience.

Robust Fraud Mechanisms: The app focuses on tracking natural movements, ensuring that the earning mechanism is tied to genuine physical activity.

Additional Incentives: The app includes random rewards like mystery boxes, adding an element of surprise and extra motivation for users.


Hyper-Inflationary Rewards System: The value of the app's native digital assets, such as the Green Satoshi Token (GST), has seen significant fluctuation, affecting earnings and sustainability.

Limited Activity Scope: Stepn mainly supports walking and running activities, which may not appeal to users seeking a broader range of fitness options.

User Experience Challenges: New users may find the app complex and not very user-friendly, with a steep learning curve and limited in-app guidance.

Sweat Economy

Sweat Economy, blending fitness with digital rewards, has a unique appeal despite facing some user criticisms.


Fitness and Digital Economy Integration: Melds regular physical activity with earning digital currency, encouraging healthier lifestyles while introducing users to digital markets.

Motivation for Regular Exercise: The prospect of earning digital rewards incentivizes consistent physical activity.

User-Friendly Interface: The app is designed to be accessible and easy to use, making it appealing to a wide audience, including those who are new to fitness apps or digital currencies.


Customer Service: Users report dissatisfaction with the customer service team, citing unresponsiveness and unresolved bug reports.

Inadequate Walking Rewards: The rewards for walking are minimal, often amounting to just small cents per day. This low reward rate might not be appealing to users seeking more significant financial incentives.

High Transaction Fees: Converting SWEAT to actual currency is reportedly costly due to high gas or transaction fees, significantly reducing the earnings.


Walken is a move-to-earn (M2E) game that stands out in the digital fitness and gaming arena. It allows players to earn tokens through battles with other players, featuring an NFT character known as CATthlete, inspired by the popular Tamagotchi.


Innovative M2E Gaming: Walken combines fitness activities with competitive gaming, making earning tokens engaging and fun.

CATthlete Characters: These NFT characters add a unique and customizable aspect to the game, enhancing user engagement.

WLKN Token Utility: The WLKN token serves as both a governance and staking token within the app, offering users a role in decision-making and the opportunity to earn rewards.


Limited Earning Mechanism: Earnings are primarily acquired through participation in battles, which may not appeal to all users.

Complexity for New Users: The game's structure, involving NFTs and cryptocurrencies, might be complex for users new to crypto and NFTs.

Low Earning Rates and High Losing Probability: Users may find that the earning rates in Walken are relatively low, especially when considering the potential for losing in battles. This aspect could reduce the app's attractiveness to users seeking more lucrative or less risky earning options.


Genopets stands out in the move-to-earn (M2E) gaming space by blending gamified fitness with NFT elements. It's designed to encourage physical activity and integrate it into a virtual pet care and evolution experience.


Gamified Fitness Approach: Genopets encourages users to achieve step goals, turning physical activity into energy within the game.

NFT Pet Evolution: Players are assigned virtual pets that evolve as they gain XP from walking. This evolution, from simple creatures to more complex, adds an element of excitement and progression.

Tamagotchi-like Interaction: The app includes elements reminiscent of Tamagotchi, allowing players to feed, play with, and care for their pets, enhancing their happiness and, in turn, the energy they generate.


Complexity of NFT Market: The use of NFTs for pet evolution and the marketplace might be complex for users unfamiliar with the NFT ecosystem.

Repetitive Gameplay: While the pet interaction and mini-games are enjoyable, the gameplay can become repetitive, focusing mainly on pet care activities.

Crafting Mechanics Disconnected: The crafting aspect may feel separate from the core experience of pet care and fitness.


Dotmoovs stands out in the move-to-earn space with its advanced features, particularly its integration of Augmented Reality (AR) and a focus on competitive sports challenges.


Augmented Reality Integration: Dotmoovs enhances the move-to-earn experience by incorporating AR, allowing users to engage in workouts in real-world locations.

Competitive Sports Challenges: The app offers users the chance to compete in various sports challenges, adding a competitive edge to fitness activities.

Advanced Technical Aspects: It boasts a sophisticated arbitration engine with a two-step algorithm for human body detection and extremity positioning, enabling a scoring system that evaluates and tailors challenges to each athlete's skill level.


Rewards Focused on Sports Gear: While Dotmoovs offers various rewards, they are more focused on sports gear rather than monetary rewards, which may not appeal to users looking for monetary incentives.

Longer Payback Period for NFTs: The initial investment in NFTs for participation may have a longer payback period, which could be a consideration for those looking at the app for quicker returns.

Step App: Revolutionizing Fitness and Finance

Step App represents a significant leap in the fusion of fitness tracking and financial incentives. It's more than just an application; it's a movement that reimagines how we interact with fitness technology and financial rewards.

How Step App Pays You for Walking?

Step App rewards its users with digital currency for their physical activities like walking. This currency can either be utilized within the app's ecosystem for various functions or exchanged for real-world value, offering a tangible benefit for maintaining an active lifestyle. This innovative approach turns everyday activities into potential earnings, aligning fitness goals with financial incentives.

Unique Features and Rewards

The app distinguishes itself with several standout features:

Wide Range of Earning Gears: Step App offers various gears like Sneaks, Headsets, and Watches, each contributing to the earning potential in unique ways.

Strategic Gameplay: Players can employ different strategies to boost earnings, such as winning and adding gems to increase gear attributes, minting new sneaks, or merging gems.

AI Workouts: Recently introduced AI workouts use artificial intelligence to track various exercises like pushups and squats. These workouts come with different complexity programs suitable for all levels, offering increased reward opportunities.

Clash Battles: A feature where two players can compete by comparing their Sneaks, with the winner claiming a prize.

In-app Marketplace: The app includes a marketplace for trading in-game assets. Users can spend their earned KCAL in the Partners Marketplace, accessing exclusive offers from renowned brands in fitness, health, wellness, entertainment, and other sectors.

Step App’s integration of AI in fitness tracking, along with its diverse gameplay and marketplace, caters to a wide range of preferences, making it a comprehensive platform for fitness enthusiasts looking for both health benefits and financial rewards.

This multifaceted approach positions Step App as a pioneering platform in the move-to-earn space, offering an engaging interface and community-focused challenges that resonate with a broad user base. 

Real Stories: Users' Experiences with Walking Apps

Walking apps have not just been tools for fitness and earning but have significantly impacted users' lives. Real testimonials from various sources underscore the transformative power of these apps.

Success Stories from Step App

Users of Step App often share stories that highlight its multifaceted impact. Many users report marked improvements in their physical fitness, finding that the app provides a strong motivation to stay active. The financial benefits are also a recurring theme, with users appreciating the additional income or rewards they earn just by walking or engaging in physical activities. This dual benefit of health and finance has made Step App a favored choice for many looking to enhance their lifestyle.

Here are some Step App users' reviews:

Step App completely leveled up my fitness game! It gamifies workouts and earning in a way that keeps me pushing myself like never before. It's my ultimate fitness buddy, turning every step into a win for my health.
I've been using the Step App for a While now, and it has completely transformed my fitness journey. What's even more exciting is that I can earn while walking or running. The rewards and incentives are a brilliant addition. Who knew that taking steps could be so rewarding?
I'm absolutely obsessed with this web3 fitness app! The concept is genius and the execution is flawless. Not only is it the most fun way to exercise, but it also offers a huge incentive to keep going with the cryptocurrency rewards. The community is incredibly supportive, and the app is constantly improving with new features and challenges. I would recommend this app to anyone who wants to get fit, enjoy themselves, and earn some crypto on the side. Truly a game changer.

Testimonials from Other App Users

Similarly, users of other walking apps echo these sentiments. These apps have been instrumental in promoting positive lifestyle changes. Users often mention increased motivation to exercise, leading to better health and well-being. The gamification and earning aspects of these apps have also been praised for adding an element of fun and incentive to regular fitness routines.

StepN user's review:

If not the best, one of the top M2E platforms so far with a reasonable game economy. It's fun to play and can be an extra motivation to get you for an outdoor walk/run. I just wish it could be more community engaging.

Sweat Economy user's review:

Sweat Wallet is a fantastic app that rewards you for walking and leading a healthy lifestyle. It has a user-friendly interface and offers a wide variety of deals, The ability to be rewarded to such a degree through this app just by walking is amazing! There are always various prize draws going on, that almost anyone can enter, and the app itself is very easy to use.

Walken user's review:

Pros: The app is very stable and cleanly designed. You can start without any capital. Fun. Motivates you to move. Potential of WLKN token. Cons: You ideally want to get some WLKN token of an exchange, to upgrade quicker for eg., otherwise it'll take a while (5-6 months of playing every day) to get to a position where you can cash out the app. Verdict: Good concept that works. Ideally want to 'invest' 15-20USD of WLKN currency to help you. The rewards are real, both physically and monetarily.

Genopets user's review:

Genopets features decent graphics on mobile, offering engaging pet movements and enjoyable games, making it ideal for pick-up-and-play sessions rather than extended gaming sessions. However, one drawback is that it doesn't neatly fit into the traditional gaming category, as it combines elements of a fitness tool and virtual pet care. While not appealing to all players, those looking for a casual, gamified fitness experience might find Genopets attractive.

Dotmoovs user's review:

I'm truly impressed by DOTMOOVS app because of its algorithm that evaluates the accuracy of movement alignment. Significantly, it provides an initial period of free usage. Additionally, it incorporates a function to detect cheating. Lastly, its the first sports AI app

Step into a Healthier, Wealthier Lifestyle

The emergence of Move-to-Earn apps ushers in a new era where fitness and finance are no longer separate entities but intertwined aspects of daily life. These apps symbolize a shift towards a lifestyle that not only values health and physical activity but also rewards these efforts in tangible ways.

Embracing the Move-to-Earn Movement

The Move-to-Earn movement transcends the boundaries of mere applications; it represents a holistic approach to life that combines the pursuit of health with the reward of financial gain. This movement encourages individuals to take control of their physical well-being while simultaneously offering a financial incentive. It's an innovative concept that motivates people to be more active, transforming routine activities like walking into opportunities for earning. This shift not only promotes physical health but also contributes to mental well-being, as users find a sense of accomplishment and reward in their daily activities.

Final Thoughts and Encouragement to Start

The trend of Move-to-Earn apps offers a unique opportunity for people from all walks of life to embrace a healthier lifestyle while also earning rewards. It's an invitation to step up, both literally in terms of physical activity and figuratively in terms of embracing new technological trends. In a world where sedentary lifestyles are becoming increasingly common, these apps provide a much-needed impetus to get moving. They demystify the concept of earning from fitness, making it accessible and achievable for the average person. It's a call to action to not just move more, but to move towards a future where every step counts towards greater health and prosperity.

For anyone considering joining this movement, now is the time to start. The benefits extend beyond mere physical health to encompass financial well-being and a greater sense of community and achievement. It's a step towards a more active, rewarding, and balanced life.


Is there really an app that pays you to walk?

Yes, there are apps that pay users for walking, often rewarding them with digital currencies or points redeemable for goods and services.

Does Step App really pay you to walk?

Yes, Step App pays users for walking by rewarding them with digital currency based on their physical activity.

Does Step App give you real money?

Step App rewards users with digital currency, which can be used within the app's ecosystem or potentially exchanged for real-world value.

How much does Step App pay?

The amount Step App pays varies based on the user's level of physical activity and the app's reward structure.

Why do apps pay you for walking?

Apps pay users for walking to encourage physical fitness, promote healthier lifestyles, and engage users with their platform.

Which company pays you to walk?

Several companies offer apps that pay for walking, including Step App, StepN, and Sweat Economy, each with their unique reward systems.

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