Minting New GEAR - Another Way to Earn with Step App

Step App Team
September 28, 2023

About Minting

Minting is simply the process of creating new earning GEAR like a SNEAK or HEADSET. 

Why mint? By minting, GEAR can be made tradable on marketplaces and this can have our players truly own their in-game assets. 

What can you do with minted GEAR? Newly minted GEAR can be sold in the marketplace, used in your fitness activities, or shelved! 3 ways to earn more with Step App. 

How to Mint new GEAR

To mint a new GEAR, you just need 2 pieces of the same kind of GEAR, e.g. two SNEAKs or two HEADSETs. With a 72-hour time-frame between each minting process, you can mint each piece of GEAR up to 5 times. 

The mint price depends on both GEAR’s quality AND the number of times GEAR has been minted. Minting rewards will be paid out in KCAL, the in-app currency of Step App which can be obtained by moving with your SNEAK or HEADSET, or can be directly purchased from an exchange. If you want to predict the mint outcome, we have the list of probabilities for a SNEAK ready for you here

Steps to mint a new GEAR

  1. Open the 'Inventory' tab,
  2. Tap on a SNEAK or HEADSET you would like to mint,
  3. Open the menu by clicking the '⋮' in the bottom right corner,
  4. Choose the 'Mint' option in the opened menu,
  5. In the following screen, press the '+' button,
  6. Pick a second SNEAK or HEADSET that will be minted and press the 'Confirm' button at the bottom,
  7. Check the mint price at the bottom of the screen and press the 'Mint' button

After minting, you will receive a Shoebox or Case. It can be immediately opened and the new SNEAK or HEADSET can be claimed. Or, alternatively you can put the Shoebox or Case up for sale on the market, or store it in your wallet, but note that you will need to wait for 48 hours after the minting was completed to do so. 

The type and quality of newly minted GEAR that you’ll find in the Shoebox or Case depends on the quality of the parent HEADSETs or SNEAKs. 

Note that the attributes of your GEAR will decrease by 15% after each minting round. The more GEAR has been minted, the larger the impact on the attributes of your GEAR will be. So, be mindful when buying GEAR that has been minted more than once. 

Receive traits while Minting 

There is a chance to receive a trait while minting two pieces of GEAR. Traits are additional boosts that can increase the stats of your GEAR, or even add new features!

Mint Price -X%:

Lowers the price of the mint by a specified percentage.

If you mint two GEAR with this trait, the final mint price reduction is calculated based on the GEAR’s stats, the trait’s stats and other parameters.

Mint Cooldown -X%:

Lowers the time you need to wait after minting. 

Normally there’s a 72-hour time-frame between each minting process, but this trait will reduce the waiting time. If you mint two GEAR, both with this trait, the reduction is applied to each GEAR separately, i.e. one GEAR could be available for mint earlier than another one.

What are you waiting for? 

Sell your newly minted GEAR in the marketplace, use it in your fitness activities, or shelf it!

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