How to Make Your SNEAK Worth Even More

Step App Team
November 8, 2023

Ready to boost how much you can earn? In this article, we will share our top 3 tips for getting the most out of your in-app SNEAK. These are fool-proof methods for greater profitability, check them out. 

#1 - Choose the right SNEAK


SNEAKs come in 5 qualities: Common, Uncommon, Rare, Epic or Legendary, increasing in earning potential in this order. The ‘better’ your SNEAK, the higher your earning potential. For example, an Uncommon SNEAK will earn less than a Rare SNEAK. Keep this in mind when purchasing a SNEAK!


When it comes to SNEAKs, it is also extremely important to think about the type of person you are. If you know that running at the top speed is not for you and you much prefer a leisurely walk in a park, you may consider purchasing a “Walker”. 

If you’re new here, you may ask what’s a Walker? Well, a Walker is one of four types of SNEAKs. 

The TYPE of SNEAK you get will directly impact your ability to earn in the app. You earn KCAL based on the speed that you move and the type of SNEAK you have. These are the four types: 

  1. Walker: As you already may have realised, a “Walker” is what you should use if you want to earn while you are on a leisurely walk. Once you are moving between 1km/h and 6km/h you will earn KCAL.
  2. Hiker: These SNEAKs are ideal for people who are here for casual jogs or light-paced runs, the aspiring athlete if you will. With Hikers, you can earn KCAL when you move between 4km/h and 10km/h.
  3. Racer: this is the “running is my personality trait (and I am freaking good at it)” shoe. The racer is not for the faint of heart, get this shoe if you run, run. To earn KCAL with a Racer move between 8km/h and 20km/h. 
  4. Coach: We love the Coach. The Coach is for the person who likes to keep their options open. With the Coach, you can move at any speed between 1km/h and 20km/h and earn KCAL while you do it. 

Learn more about SNEAK qualities here.

#2 - Level up your SNEAK

Levelling up your SNEAK allows you to improve the attributes of your SNEAK (woo!!!) which means you get to earn even more at each level (double woo!!!)

How to level up your SNEAK

  1. Open up your app
  2. Click on the ‘Inventory’ tab
  3. Click on the SNEAK you want to level up
  4. Tap on the ‘Level Up’ button in the bottom left corner

Don’t forget, you will need to use KCAL to complete this action so make sure you have enough in your wallet! If you just can not wait to get moving with your newly levelled-up SNEAK (we get it), you can use some FITFI to speed up the process.

Learn more about levelling up your SNEAK here.

#3 - Use Gems

Gems, we love ‘em in real life, and we LOVE ‘em in our app. 

Did you know that you could boost your existing SNEAK’s attributes and earn more with gems? Gems can improve the strengths of your SNEAK. 

Inserting gems into your SNEAK’s gem slots is a no-brainer solution to earning more. This is one of the most profitable strategies to earn with Step App.

Learn about unlocking gem sockets here.

Now, here’s what you need to know about gems. There are 5 different types of gems to choose from, each of which offers different benefits to you. 

Alexandrite: adds an additional amount of activity to the activity attribute of your sneaker. The more activity you have, the more you earn.

Sapphire: adds an additional amount of balance to the balance attribute of your sneaker. The more balance you have, the greater the burning reward for your sneaker.

Ruby: adds an additional amount of resistance to the resistance attribute of your sneaker. The more resistance you have, the less it costs to repair your sneaker (hallelujah to cost savings).

Limonite: adds an additional amount of luck to the luck attribute of your sneaker. The more luck you have, the more chances you have to find a chest during a run (is it luck, or is it limonite?)

Diamond: this is our rarest gem, barely anyone has it! Diamonds have two random stats and you can get one by merging two gems.

Learn everything you need to know about gems here.

With Step App, we are constantly finding ways to improve your in-app experience and earnings. We hope these tips were helpful - we can’t wait to see you earning more every single day!

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