5 tips for choosing a SNEAK

Step App Team
January 25, 2023

To kickstart your earnings from walks, jogs, or runs, the first step is acquiring a SNEAK.

For newcomers, an exclusive limited-time discount awaits, valid for seven days post-registration. This special offer allows savings of up to 25% when purchasing your initial piece of GEAR. Opt for a 20% discount on a Common SNEAK or a Rare HEADSET, or go for the ultimate 25% off bundle, featuring a Common SNEAK and a Rare HEADSET. The discount is automatically applied to your profile and can be used only once, so seize the opportunity (consider getting a bundle for maximum value).

Once you make your inaugural in-app GEAR purchase, a world of possibilities opens up in our extensive marketplace. Here, you can explore, browse, and acquire additional GEAR and items, including SNEAKs!

With four distinct types of SNEAKS, each carrying unique attributes and qualities, there are plenty of decisions to be made. For more guidance on selecting the right SNEAK, check out our informative article!

Below are 5 tips from our Head of Product, Mitya Gukaylo, that you should know before choosing a SNEAK.

1. Choose the right type of SNEAK 

How do you determine the right SNEAK for you? 

The right SNEAK for you depends on factors such as location, where you walk, and when you plan to use your SNEAK. There are four different types of SNEAKS: the walker, the hiker, the racer, and the coach. Each one is associated with a different speed interval. 

You should pick the SNEAK with the most suitable speed interval for you as you only earn when you are moving within the speed range of your SNEAK. If you live in an area with high foot-traffic, you should consider the effect that this may have on your speed. For example, if you bought a Racer SNEAK but live in an area with high-foot traffic, unless you pause your run on the app every time you slow down to a walk, you will be losing energy without earning which will result in an overall loss.

You should also think about when you will be using your SNEAK. Do you plan to use your SNEAK in an everyday setting (like walking to work) or for fitness (like going for a jog)? This will influence the SNEAK you buy. 

Learn more about SNEAK types and their intervals here.

2. Don’t buy your SNEAK immediately

It is wise to spend some time researching the different options before choosing your SNEAK. 

Remember, the SNEAK you choose influences your earnings. By doing research and comparing the options, you can maximise your earnings and get the best deal based on SNEAK attributes. We suggest that you try to find the SNEAK with a combination of the best price, attributes and rank. 

Also, be mindful when buying SNEAKs that have been minted more than once. There are fines that are applied to minted SNEAKs’ attributes. Each time a SNEAK is minted the attributes will be fined and reduced by -15%. The more times a SNEAK has been minted, the larger the impact of the fine will be.

3. Choose your SNEAK based on your risk aversion

For those inclined to embrace risks, opting for a SNEAK with elevated values for attributes like luck can be enticing. A higher luck attribute enhances the likelihood of receiving a chest while running, with these chests potentially containing valuable in-game items. It's important to note that luck, much like a double-edged sword, may also result in receiving no chests at all. The luck attribute entails high risk but promises equally high rewards.

On the flip side, if you prefer a more cautious approach and aim for stable, consistent earnings without venturing into high-risk territory, selecting a SNEAK with higher activity and resistance attributes would be a prudent choice. This ensures a reliable and steady income while minimizing the unpredictability associated with luck-driven outcomes.

4. Gems from to marketplace can be bought to increase the performance of your SNEAK

Gems are a great way to boost your SNEAK! With gems, you can improve the weaknesses or enhance the strengths of your sneaker. Who would say no to that? We highly recommend maximising your SNEAK by purchasing gems.

Learn more about gems here.

5. To maximise profit you should set up a habit at the same time 

When you get your first SNEAK you will need to wait 23 hours for your energy bar to be filled. Each day, at the same time, your SNEAK will have full energy again and be ready to be taken out for a walk, jog, or run!

This was designed to encourage users to incorporate movement into your daily routine. By working out at the same time every day, you can use the full amount of your SNEAK’s energy. This is the most efficient and will maximise your earnings. 

We hope this helped, if you want to learn more check out our help page.  Ready to get started and choose a SNEAK? Download Step App.

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