Step App June Recap: Milestones, Updates and More

July 4, 2023

June marked an extraordinary chapter in the Step app journey as we took our app’s gamification to the next level, growing community engagement. Here is a quick recap from our team about the remarkable accomplishments that happened this month.

Clash Feature, a new way to earn and compete -  Mitya, Head of Product 

Our latest in-app feature, Clash, takes competition to new heights, designed to captivate and engage both our avid app users and those just starting their fitness journey. We have devoted great attention to crafting this feature, aiming to provide an in-app experience that helps users earn more with their SNEAKs. 

For those of you who don’t know what Clash is yet, it is our new in-app feature that allows users to go head to head with their SNEAKs for a chance to win KCAL rewards. You can learn more about the feature here

First Step Open House Discord Edition - Renars, Social Media Manager

Engaging with our community is always our priority. In June, we hosted the first Step Open House in our Discord General Chat where our Head of Product, Mitya, was live in-chat interacting with our community and answering your questions. Events like this have been great to help the team get to know our community, their concerns and feedback on a more personal level. We will always strive to hear your voices and make changes based on things that you want to see. We look forward to hosting more Open House events in our Discord in the future so be sure to join our Discord channel.

#RoadTo300K Challenge Rewards - Sophie, Marketing Manager

The #RoadTo300K Challenge was an incredible 30 days for both Step App and our community of Steppers, committed and dedicated to their fitness goals.  Through the month of June we distributed rewards to the winners: Puma Sneakers signed by Usain Bolt, Amazon Gift Cards, JBL Earpods, $FITFI and more. 

The father of an aspiring 7-year old tennis player, who won the meet and greet with Usain Bolt, asked us to get a personal message for his son from Usain instead, something he could keep forever. We were warmed by this and it’s a reminder to keep pushing our fitness goals just like this 7-year old tennis champ has been


Step App debut on TikTok - Amara, Content Manager

This month we have opened Step App up to a wider audience on TikTok. Our debut on TikTok has been an exciting opportunity to introduce the unique features and benefits of the Step app to a broader audience in a fun and engaging way. If you have not already seen our growing TikTok, be sure to follow us here.

SNEAK Jackpot Campaign - Marketing Team

At the end of June we launched one of our biggest cash prize campaigns yet. During the SNEAK Jackpot campaign, users have a chance to win up to $777 USDT, all you have to do is purchase a SNEAK. Our aim was to inject an extra dose of excitement into the user experience, making every step count towards the chance of winning epic cash prizes. You can learn more about this campaign here, and join if you are still in the window to enter. The campaign ends on July 6th at 10AM UTC.

June has been a month of significant milestones for the Step App team, fueling our determination to push boundaries and provide a remarkable user experience. From the introduction of Clash and hosting the first Step Open House on our Discord, to rewarding our dedicated community members who entered the #RoadTo300K Challenge, expanding our reach on TikTok, and launching the captivating SNEAK Jackpot campaign - each achievement reinforces our commitment to innovation and engagement. 

As always, we value your opinion. Feel free to leave us feedback in this Google Form.

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