SNEAK Jackpot: Dare to Win $777 USDT!

June 29, 2023

Are you ready for a thrilling opportunity to win a major cash prize while taking steps towards your fitness goals? Step App is excited to present SNEAK Jackpot, where your purchase of a SNEAK gives you a chance to win up to $777 USDT! 

For 7 days, from June 29 to July 6, 10AM UTC, we have opened up the doors for an epic chance to win. It is simple: the 7th, 77th and 777th person to buy a SNEAK will win a cash USDT prize!

  • 7th buyer WINS $77 USDT
  • 77th buyer WINS $177 USDT
  • 777th buyer WINS $777 USDT

To increase your chances of winning, simply purchase multiple SNEAKs to try to hit the jackpot on one of the lucky spots! This campaign is open to both new users who are about to kick start their journey with Step App, and existing app users who are expanding their GEAR collection (and fingers crossed be up to $777 USDT richer). 

How To Join

  1. Download Step App if you haven’t done so already on iOS or Android
  2. Set-up your account
  3. Head over to the in-app marketplace or sales tab and purchase your SNEAK, SHOEBOX or LOOTBOX. Below are some quick facts about our SNEAKs to help you find a perfect match (or learn more here).
  4. Make sure to purchase your SNEAK at July 6th latest to be eligible 

For those of you who are new here, here’s a breakdown of the differences between SNEAKs, SHOEBOXES and LOOTBOXES.

  1. SNEAKs - You will find these ‘used’ SNEAKs directly in the marketplace. With the term ‘used’ we mean SNEAKs that have been minted before. 
  2. SHOEBOXES - You will find these in the marketplace as well. When you purchase a SHOEBOX you will get a new, squeaky and clean SNEAK. You know in advance which SNEAK type you will get (Coach, Walker, Hiker or Racer), but the quality of your SNEAK will be a surprise. 
  3. LOOTBOXES - You can find LOOTBOXES in the ‘sales’ tab. Read more about the different types of LOOTBOXES and the SNEAKs you can find inside here.

A Quick Recap: 

  1. The 7th, 77th and 777th person to purchase a SNEAK will win a USDT cash prize.
  2. You must purchase a SNEAK within the 7 day campaign period: June 29 - July 6, 10AM UTC
  3. You can purchase any SNEAK (Walker, Hiker, Racer, Coach) or SHOEBOX in the Marketplace, or LOOTBOX in the Sales tab to be eligible. 
  4. HEADSET purchases are not included in this campaign. 
  5. You can purchase as many times as you want and increase your chances of winning. 

Take action now by purchasing a SNEAK on the Step App platform and get ready to test your luck. 

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