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How to Shelve a SNEAK

Step App Team
March 18, 2023

Energy plays a key role in how users move and earn. Did you know that you could increase the amount of energy you can use per run by shelving a SNEAK? However, remember that at least one SNEAK will always have to remain off of the shelf and available for running. 

Get bonus energy from shelving 

Bonus energy is a finite amount of energy received as a reward for shelving a SNEAK. The amount of bonus energy received depends on your SNEAK rarity.

You will get energy from your shelved SNEAKs in your current SNEAK, allowing you to move and earn more. 

Each SNEAK’s full energy supply is based on the sum of their base attributes. When you shelf a SNEAK your total available units of energy will be impacted by the base attributes of your current SNEAK and the base attributes on all your shelved SNEAKs. Any attribute changes and modifications made to a SNEAK’s attributes, e.g. a stats re-roll, do not impact the calculation of the energy supply. 

How to shelve your SNEAK

Step 1: Tap the 3 dots on the bottom right below your SNEAK

Step 2: Click shelve SNEAK.

Step 3: Click "CONFIRM"

In-app screenshots of steps to shelve your SNEAK

Once a SNEAK is shelved, it cannot be unshelved, it will now have a permanent home on your shelf, so make sure you want to shelf it before taking any action. Please note that at least one SNEAK must always remain off of the shelf if you want to move and earn. 

The "Shelf" section can be found under the Profile tab. Here, you can access more information and data on your energy. Shelving a SNEAK can be a great way to access bonus energy, allowing you to move and earn more! 

For example: 

With a sum of 24 vs 20 base attributes- it is better to shelve the one with 20 as its base attributes and run with the SNEAK that has 24 as the base attributes. Why? Because typically higher stats means higher earnings. 

If you have any questions you can contact our Support Team via our online support chat. Our support chat can be found on all of our apps: our Web App, Android App or iOS App. 

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