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Step App Team
February 20, 2023

Did you know that you could boost your existing SNEAK and earn more? Gems allow you to improve attributes and enhance the strengths of your SNEAK! Inserting gems to increase attributes is one of the most profitable strategies in Step App.

We have two new ways to update KCAL utility through our gems. 

#1 Gems Reroll

This new feature is similar to merging gems, however, instead of getting a higher level gem, you are able to get another type of gem.

To reroll, you need 2 gems of the same type and level. For example, you can reroll 2 yellow level 1 gems. You will receive the same level of gem once you reroll. You have the chance to receive any standard gem type (red, green, purple, yellow) and you even have a chance to get a diamond gem of the same level!

This varies from the existing merge system as users will now have the chance to get a diamond gem of the same level, rather than one of a lower level. 

The interface is the same as the merge feature, only the text is different. 

Note that no message will appear when the gem reroll was successful.

#2 Gem Super Merge

You asked for it and we delivered! 

As requested by users, the amount of KCAL needed for a merge will increase with the amount of gems being merged. The probability of getting an upgrade also increases! 

The existing interface stays the same, now with up to 5 gem sockets instead of 2! The more gems you are merging, the higher the chance to get a higher level gem - 5 gems will get you a 100% chance of receiving a gem from the next level. There is even a chance of receiving a Diamond Gem of the same level, however keep in mind that there is not a 100% chance of an upgrade when you merge 5 diamond gems.

What Gem types and levels can be merged?

Gems of all types can be merged, however, the gems must be the same level. For example:

• Merge 2 level 1 gems with a 60% probability of getting an upgrade. This will cost 30 KCAL.

• Now, you can merge 3 gems with a 70% probability of getting an upgrade for 40 KCAL.

• 4 gems can be merged with an 80% probability of getting an upgrade for 40 KCAL.

• 5 gems can be merged with a 100% probability of getting an upgrade for 60 KCAL.

Please note that the numbers used here are for demonstration purposes only and are not exact calculations.

The Gem Super Merge gives users more opportunities to benefit from gems and profit off of their utility.

So, for a bit more insight on our gems, there are several types of gems, gem levels and even gem merging that can influence how you earn. Keep reading to learn more about this.

Types of Gems

There are 5 different types of gems to choose from, each of which offer different benefits to you. 

Alexandrite: this gem adds an additional amount of activity to the activity attribute of your sneaker. The more activity you have, the more you earn.

Sapphire: a sapphire adds an additional amount of balance to the balance attribute of your sneaker. The more balance you have, the more the burning reward for your sneaker is

Ruby: this gem adds an additional amount of resistance to the resistance attribute of your sneaker. The more resistance you have, the less it costs to repair your sneaker

Limonite: limonite adds an additional amount of luck to the luck attribute of your sneaker. The more luck you have, the more chances you have to find a chest during a run.

Diamond: this is a rare gem that not many people have! These have two random stats and can be acquired by merging two gems.

How to Use a Gem

First, you need a socket to place a gem inside. Sockets can be unlocked after reaching 15, 20, 25 and 30 levels.

Pro tip: Maximise earnings by reaching level 30. At this level you can insert 4 gems to increase your potential earning. This is most profitable!

Gems update: You asked and we listened! The level of gem that can be inserted into your SNEAK now varies depending on the rarity of your SNEAK. Now, there is a direct correlation between the rarity of your SNEAK and how much you can earn!

Along with the update, all invalid gems have been put back into users’ inventories. Everyone who had gems prior to the update now gets a free opportunity to choose what they do with their gems, without losing the initial value. You can merge them or even  sell them on the marketplace. 

Note: Once a gem is inserted, it cannot be taken out of a sneaker. It can be replaced by another gem, at which point the previous gem will be destroyed.

Gem Merging 

Two gems can be merged for a chance to get a gem of a high level. The outcomes are random and it may take several tries as there is a certain probability of getting a gem of the same level. A merge can even end up in receiving a Diamond! 

Pro tip: merge gems of the same level to increase your chances of an upgrade.

Gem Levels

There are 6 levels associated with gems. The higher the level the greater the number of additional attributes

Gems are an effective way to earn more! With the gems update, your rarer SNEAKs have an increased earning potential. 

Level up to add gems to your SNEAK and increase your profitability! 

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