3 Reasons Why You Should Use Move-to-Earn Apps to Hit Your Financial Goals

Step App Team
July 27, 2023

We all have fitness and financial goals, but how do we actually achieve them? One game-changing solution is Move-to-Earn!

What you need to know about Move-to-Earn 

What is Move-to-Earn?

It’s as simple as it sounds: a Move-to-Earn app rewards you in the game for being active in the real world! With Step App, you will earn digital assets through the game while walking, jogging or running (based on your GPS location) and by performing in-app actions.

What do you earn? 

$KCAL - this is our in-game token that is earned when you move with Step App. $KCAL can be used for various actions in the app such as buying GEAR.

Move-to-Earn games utilise a dual token system, also for Step App this is one governance token ($FITFI) and one in-app token ($KCAL). Players will be rewarded for walking, jogging or running with $KCAL, the token that is native to the Step App platform.  

Where can you use what you earn? 

You can use your $KCAL token inside Step App to make purchases for more GEAR and gems, to do in-app actions like repair your SNEAK, to compete in Clash duels and earn even more if you win. 

#1 Achieve Your Fitness Goals with Step App

Create healthy habits

Whether you have trouble maintaining a consistent workout routine, or you don’t have much time for it, Step App is a great way to stay consistent and motivated. Step App helps users form healthy habits by encouraging daily movement which plays a crucial role in maintaining overall physical and mental well-being. Regular exercise not only improves cardiovascular health, strengthens muscles, and enhances flexibility, but it also boosts mood, reduces stress, and increases energy levels. Your in-app energy refills every 24 hours, making it the perfect incentive to incorporate exercise in your daily routine.

Compete with friends 

Need an extra push? Use the app with your friends and hold each other accountable. Maybe even let your competitive side show by actively improving your rank in our global and local leaderboards! The leaderboard shows your total total time, longest series, and total mint score, as well as global and local ratings. 

Track your progress 

Use the Step App dashboard and tracking features to get insight into your fitness journey. The dashboard shows you stats like steps taken, KCAL earned, energy spent and highest rank (streak)! Seeing how much you’re earning and how many steps you’re taking is a great way to stay motivated. 

#2 Earn While Improving Your Fitness

One of the most compelling aspects of Move-to-Earn apps, next to the healthy habits you create by moving often and having fun using the many gamification aspects, is its integration of financial incentives. The more you move, the more you earn.

So you’re probably wondering what are some of the ways to earn with a move-to-earn app like Step App. Here are some of the key ways to earn: 

  1. Move while using in-app GEAR such as our SNEAKs or HEADSETs
  2. Use GEMs to boost your GEAR’s attributes and your earning potential
  3. Mint new GEAR
  4. Compete with other players in Clash Duels
  5. Join our referral program and earn passively when your friends move

Stay motivated to move your body every day with financial incentives. You can learn more about these earning pathways in our “Ways to Earn with Step App” article. 

#3 Have Fun with Friends While Using Step App

Step App has a gamification aspect that makes earning fun! 


As you move, you can find chests along the way. Chests contain KCAL tokens, Clash Boosters such as Bubble Gum and Polish Kits and/or Level 1 and 2 Gems of all kinds (Activity, Resistance, Balance, Luck)! The bigger the level of a chest, the bigger the chance to get a gem.

Play Clash

Not feeling like moving on a particular day? Compete in Clash Duels for the chance to earn without having to move! Clash Duels allow you to compete with other players for the chance to win KCAL. 


This in-app feature allows you to reroll and improve the attribute statistics of your SNEAK using FITFI, without having to buy a whole new SNEAK. The feature allows you to try new gameplay styles, since each attribute has its own unique impact on your in-game experience and the re-roll can completely change your SNEAK’s attributes. Read more here.

More about Move to Earn.

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