The Road to 300k with Step App

Step App Team
April 19, 2023

Want to get in shape and save up for your summer plans?
Join us on the Road to 300k!

How to join the challenge 

The goal of this challenge is to get as many steps as you can in 30 days!

Did you know that walking 10,000 steps a day adds up to 300,000 steps in 30 days?!

All you need is the app to participate. New and existing users are invited to play, and everyone will win a prize! Read further to know more about our amazing pool of prizes. 

Pick your favourite (black or yellow), download the template and share your progress on socials! 

Track your progress

In the app in the “Leaderboard” tab you can see your ‘longest series’ aka your streak. If you are new to the app or if you are an existing user without a streak, your streak will begin when you complete your first walk or run during this campaign. 

If you are an existing user with a streak, your existing streak will continue to grow as you complete each day of this challenge! 

For example: if your longest series (streak) is already 12 days when you start the challenge, 7 days of consecutive movement during the challenge will show as 19 days in the app (12 + 7 days).

For Trial SNEAK users, your streak in the app will start from day 1 and will continue to grow if you use your Trial SNEAK everyday during the first 7 days. Your streak will automatically add up further if you acquire a real in-game SNEAK or HEADSET after the Trial period is over.

How to win prizes

For every 7 days of steps completed (walking, running, exercising,... all count!), users will get 1 lootbox. You must complete at least 7 days to qualify for the grand prize. 

There are 4 tiers, which increase opportunity for winnings.  

  • Tier 0- (0-6 days of running in total), 0 lootboxes earned
  • Tier 1- (7-13 days of running in total), 1 lootbox earned
  • Tier 2- (14-20 days of running in total), 2 lootboxes in total
  • Tier 3- (21-27 days of running in total), 3 lootboxes in total
  • Tier 4- (28-30 days of running in total), 4 lootboxes in total

Every tier gives you an additional chance to win:

  • Tier 2 (7-13 days streak) - 50% higher chance
  • Tier 3 (14-20 day streak) -70% higher chance
  • Tier 4 (21-27 day streak) -90% higher chance

Every participant with at least 7 days can win a grand prize, but there are ways to increase your chances

  • If you have a HEADSET = 10% higher chance
  • If you have 1 SNEAK = 50% higher chance
  • If you have 2 or more SNEAKs (including shelved) = 20% higher chance

Your probabilities will be multiplied if you have more in-game assets.

For example:

  • If you have 1 HEADSET and 1 SNEAK, your chances will be multiplied once by 1.1 for the HEADSET you have (10% chance increase) and once by 1.5 for the SNEAK you have (50% chance increase).
  • If you have 2 HEADSETs and 3 SNEAKs, your chances will be multiplied by 1.1 (10% chance increase), 1 time 1.5 (50% chance increase) and 1 time 1.2 (20% chance increase).

Everyone can win lootboxes

Users that run for the entire month, will get 4 lootboxes and will have a higher chance of winning 1 of the big prizes!

Even new users that use a Trial SNEAK for the first 7 day streak, will be entitled to 1 lootbox. 

*Make sure to purchase your first HEADSET or SNEAK to keep moving, finish the 30 day challenge & win even more!

Every lootbox earned will contain a surprise reward and is only accessible under the profile tab, at the end of the 30-day challenge.


Everybody is a winner in this challenge, all you have to do is start moving to get in shape! Plus, you’ll be able to save for your summer plans at the same time - because with Step App, you earn while you move. 

To reward you even more, we have a bunch of prizes lined up for you!

Did you know that every lootbox will contain a prize, isn’t that amazing? For every 7 day streak, you will stand a chance to win: 

  • 1x virtual Meet & Greet with Usain Bolt 
  • 5x Deviate Nitro 2 Puma Sneakers autographed by Usain Bolt 
  • 1x pair of JBL Waterproof Sports Earbuds
  • 2x Amazon gift cards worth $100 USD
  • 5x 10,000 $FITFI
  • 3x Uncommon Coach SNEAKs 
  • 6x HEADSETs, our brand new earning tool (1x Rare, 2x Uncommon, 3x Common)
  • Bonus ENERGY

Free Fitness Class & Exclusive Usain Bolt Performance

To keep you motivated throughout the entire month, we will be hosting free classes that you can follow along with.

This week we will be hosting a free yoga class for our community with Yoga by Celine. Yoga is great for active recovery and developing breathing techniques that will help you improve your performance when you run! You can get all of the latest updates via our Twitter.

If you missed our previous livestreams you can take a read and look at the recaps for each of them using these links:

Motivate others on social media

At Step App we believe in the strength of a supportive community that’s why we encourage you all to support each other through your fitness journeys.

Share how active you are and the progress you made with your followers by sharing our Step App template over the 30-days of this challenge. 

Download the template here.

Have any other questions for us? We will be hosting an AMA on April 21st at 10AM UTC, feel free to submit your questions for the AMA here, before April 20, 4PM UTC:

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