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Step App Features: The Leaderboard Explained

Step App Team
December 29, 2022

We have launched our new Leaderboard feature. This feature has been created to motivate and challenge our users. The Step App leaderboard will be available in-app and it features the top 100 players in three main categories: total time, longest series and total mint. You will be able to filter the leaderboard by local or global statistics. Local statistics are categorised by region, e.g. Asia, Europe, North America, etc. and a users' local region is determined by the country and region that their app store was registered to when they first download Step App.

Here’s how we define each category: 

  • Total Time: total time a user has moved since they started their first walk, jog, or run. 
  • Longest Series: users who have the longest streak of consecutive days of movement - i.e. who have moved every day
  • Total Mint: this score is based on the total number of mints and rarity of the SNEAK

The Step App leaderboard is updated every day so you can check how you place on both local and global leaderboards daily. 


How the Leaderboard Works: 

  1. Click the ‘Leaderboard’ tab on the bottom menu bar to view this new feature
  2. When you are a top 100 player, you will automatically appear in the leaderboard.
  3. Click the tabs at the top of the interface to switch between different leaderboard statistics. 
  4. You can filter for local or global statistics to see how you place in your region or globally.  

Why we love the Leaderboard Feature: 

  1. You can challenge yourself to advance up the leaderboard! Set goals, maintain streaks and mint SNEAKs.
  2. You and your friends can compete with each other to place on the leaderboards.
  3. Stay motivated to be the best version of yourself! 

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