20 MINUTE HIIT WORKOUT with BriGainz x Usain Bolt

Step App Team
May 2, 2023

Step App marked its first-year milestone on April 26th, 2023, commemorating a year of transformative impact. In this inaugural year, we successfully launched an entire ecosystem featuring fitness, wellness, and Web3 products, positively influencing the lives of thousands. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the dedicated community that has consistently supported us throughout this incredible journey.

To honor our anniversary, we hosted an inaugural FREE virtual fitness class, led by the esteemed Brianna Diaz, also known as Brigainz. The class was accompanied by motivating music curated by the legendary Usain Bolt. Brianna, certified through the National Academy of Sports and Medicine (NASM), has played a pivotal role in helping numerous women and men adopt a holistic and sustainable lifestyle.

If you happened to miss this fitness class, fret not! Another session is on the horizon, and you'll have the opportunity to replay it at your convenience for an effective workout. Brianna's philosophy revolves around the idea that a workout should not be a burdensome task or a time-consuming affair. As she aptly puts it, "get it in, get it done, move on with your day."


To kick off the livestream Usain Bolt discussed how his passion for music has evolved since retiring from sports. He told us that it’s a lot of hard work but he enjoys doing it because it’s a change of pace from track and field. When asked what advice he has for anyone wanting to pursue diverse interests and passions, he said “dive right in”. “Learn from your mistakes and continue pushing on. If I gave up then somebody else would be the fastest man in the world”

We also got some insight into the inspiration behind Brianna’s career in fitness. She was motivated to choose a career in fitness as it helped her to push through life’s challenges. “I love it so much and I know what it did for me…I want to be able to spread that to other people”. 


The session commenced with the invigorating beats of warm-up music curated by none other than Usain Bolt, setting the tone to get our blood pumping! Following the energetic start, the strength training segment unfolded. Brianna skillfully led us through three rounds of exercises, each lasting 30 seconds with a brief 15-second rest interval in between!

Adding a touch of fun to the routine, we took a moment to break into a quick dance interlude, injecting some lively and enjoyable moments into the fitness session.

The workout session came to an end with a cooldown stretches and words of encouragement from Brianna: “Stay healthy, stay moving!”. 

You can rewatch and follow along with the workout on our YouTube channel linked here.

Stay tuned to our social media to be sure that you don’t miss the next event.

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