Purchasing GEAR: New vs Existing Users

Step App Team
August 2, 2023

Purchasing GEAR is different for new users and existing users. In this article you will learn about the differences in purchasing GEAR as a first time GEAR buyer vs purchasing GEAR as an existing Step App user.

New Users: Purchasing GEAR for the first time

STEP 1: Deposit KCAL into your spending wallet

Once you have downloaded Step App to start your fitness journey, registered and made an account using your email address - the next thing you will need to do is set up your wallet and deposit KCAL. If you haven’t gotten to this step just as yet, you can start by downloading the app here Keep in mind, this process will be different depending on if you are using Android or Apple's iOS. Read more about this process here. 

STEP 2: Purchase your first piece of GEAR in the Sales Tab

The process of purchasing GEAR is slightly different for new users and existing users. For new users, your initial purchase can only be made via the Sales Tab using KCAL, as opposed to in the marketplace using FITFI. Make sure you have KCAL in your in-app Spending Wallet so you can make your first purchase.

You will automatically be given an exclusive, limited-time discount, valid for 7 days after you register your new account, with savings of up to 25%. You can choose between a 20% discount on a Common SNEAK or a Rare HEADSET, or opt for the ultimate 25% off bundle that includes a Common SNEAK and a Rare HEADSET. The discount is automatically applied to your profile and can only be used once, so make the most of it (you might want to purchase a bundle to get the most value for money). 

Once you purchase your first piece of GEAR you will unlock our extensive marketplace where you can browse, explore and purchase even more GEAR and items such as GEMs to enhance your earning experience.

STEP 3: Getting moving & start earning

After you buy your GEAR, you will have to wait for your energy to build up as the first piece of GEAR you buy will come with 0 energy. Your energy will be completely full after 23 hours - having a full energy bar means that you will be able to earn for more time than if your energy was only a quarter or half full, however, you can still start moving with an energy bar that is not at 100%. 

Make sure that your location services are switched on, and go to the GEAR you just bought, click on EQUIP and then hit the START RUN button. If you bought a SNEAK + HEADSET bundle from the Sales Tab, wear them together to maximise your earnings. If you want to earn, you will need to be moving within your GEAR’s designated speed interval - so make sure the screen is green (and not red). 

Have more questions? Or just want to learn more? Head over to or check out our other tutorials for a deeper dive into each topic. 

Existing Users: Purchasing GEAR

STEP 1: Deposit FITFI in your spending wallet

If you don't already have FITFI you will have to start by purchasing FITFI on an exchange. You can purchase FITFI on Centralised Exchanges such as Bybit, OKX or Huobi or on our Decentralised Exchange Step Network. How you get your FITFI to your in- app spending wallet depends on the network that you have your FITFI stored on and whether you are an iOS or Android user. Read more about this process here

STEP 2: Purchase GEAR in the Marketplace

‍Once you deposit FITFI into your in-app Spending Wallet you can purchase GEAR in the marketplace. In the app there are two types of GEAR - SNEAKs and HEADSETs. There is no limit to how many SNEAKs or HEADSETs you can purchase in the marketplace, and you can expect a wide-selection of GEAR so you can find an item that suits your style and lifestyle best. We also have shoeboxes and cases in our marketplace that contain SNEAKs and HEADSETs. If you choose a shoebox or a case you will be able to see the GEAR type and quality but you will get a surprise, random piece of GEAR. 

Selecting a SNEAK or HEADSET

Here's what you should know when it comes to deciding on GEAR.


SNEAK Type: When deciding on the SNEAK type you need to think about the type of movement you will be doing as they come with different speed intervals. Are you a runner? Or do you prefer to walk?

  1. Walker: 1-6 km/h
  2. Hiker: 4-10 km/h
  3. Racer: 8-20 km/h
  4. Coach: 1-20 km/h

Attributes: Each SNEAK has four attributes that contribute to your performance, earning and experience. These attributes are activity, luck, balance and resistance. You should take a look at these and consider which ones would be most valuable to you when you are buying a SNEAK as attributes will affect your earnings. 

Qualities: There are five different SNEAK qualities. These include common, uncommon, rare, epic and legendary. The quality of your SNEAK will influence the range of your SNEAK's basic attributes and the amount that your SNEAK's attributes will increase as you level up your SNEAK.

HEADSET (There’s only 1 type)

Attributes: HEADSETs have three attributes: Activity, Luck, Resistance. This is different from a SNEAK which has 4 in total, and Balance as an additional attribute. 

Qualities: HEADSETs come in 3 different variations, Common, Uncommon and Rare HEADSETs which are available now in the sales tab.

The GEAR you choose is a decision that is unique to each user. It depends on your lifestyle and how you intend to use your GEAR. If you need some more help learning about GEAR or choosing the right GEAR for you check out our articles on or head over to our Help Desk for more information on all things Step App at

What other items are available in the Marketplace and Sales Tab?

  • BOOSTERS: Boosters in the Sales Tab help you increase your chances of winning when you are playing in a Clash Duel against other players.
  • GEMS: Gems are in-app items that you can insert into Gem Slots on your SNEAK or HEADSET. Gems can help you boost your GEAR’s attributes and your earning potential.

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