Introducing WATCHes, the latest limited edition in-game asset

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About WATCHes

This limited edition asset  is one you don't want to miss out on. For the first time ever we are introducing an in-app item that will 'amplify' your SNEAK - WATCHes

So what's the difference between a WATCH and GEAR? 

WATCHes are what we call “ICONs” - these incredible assets will boost your earnings, and are quite frankly, iconic. You can only wear WATCHes together with a SNEAK, so not individually, and they will significantly boost your earnings. There will only be a few in the market so these iconic WATCHes are a highly desired collector's item

The legendary WATCH is the most valuable and highest profit-generating asset we have ever made. A WATCH comes with a very high earning rate, which is usually only achievable by purchasing super expensive gems. If you are familiar with how our Gems work, you can see WATCHES as a sort of activity Gem (Alexandrite) that adds an additional amount of activity to the activity attribute of your SNEAK. 

It is important to note that there will only be 6 legendary WATCHes up for grabs in the Sales Tab and once all 6 Legendary WATCHes have been sold, the sale of WATCHes will be closed. All users will be able to keep track of how many are left. Make sure to get your highly valuable and limited-edition WATCH before they’re all gone!

Key Details and Variations 

There are 3 quality variations for WATCHs:

  1. Rare: +100 activity to your SNEAK
  2. Epic: +200 activity to your SNEAK
  3. Legendary: +1000 activity to your SNEAK

WATCHes work a bit differently to SNEAKs and HEADSETs, remember, they cannot be worn individually, they only work together with a SNEAK (and not a HEADSET).  

Purchasing a WATCH

Users will be able to purchase WATCHBOXES in the Sales Tab. There is only 1 type of WATCHBOX that users can buy for a fixed price. Cases are randomized and when opening, you have a chance of getting a rare, epic, OR legendary WATCH.

Remember, there will only be 6 legendary WATCHes up for the grabs!

All WATCHBOXES will cost 430 KC. Legendary WATCH is the most profit-generating asset that we ever made, and it is certainly an asset you won’t want to miss out on! 

WATCHes cannot be merged or leveled up. Additionally, you cannot sell a WATCHBOX, but you can sell the WATCHes you will find inside the WATCHBOX that you purchased. The trading fee for WATCHes will be higher than for SNEAKs.

Why we love WATCHes

  1. They complement your in-game SNEAK
  2. Increased utility of KCAL
  3. They boost your KCAL earnings more than any other in-game item when you wear it 
  4. They are the most valuable asset ever made
  5. WATCHes are our first limited-edition, collector’s item - these are super rare in-game items

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