Step App Updates: 3 Ways We Made the App More User-Friendly For You

Step App Team
August 4, 2023

At Step App, we believe in continuously improving our user experience to make your fitness journey even more enjoyable and seamless. Today, we're excited to share some exciting updates that will enhance your interaction with our app. From an intuitive onboarding process to a revamped sales tab and the introduction of email and push notifications, we've prioritised user-friendly design and streamlined functionality. Join us as we explore these new features and how they contribute to making your Step App experience better than ever before. Move-to-earn, track your steps, and unlock rewards as you embark on your fitness journey with us.

On iOS now, Android to follow soon.

New Onboarding Process:

To ensure new users have a smooth and effortless start, we've introduced a brand new onboarding process. Our intuitive procedure guides you through the initial steps, from setting up your email address to enabling location services. With our new onboarding, you'll be up and moving in no time. We have also included an option for new users to take a virtual tour in the app, which includes helpful explanations of the main tabs and functions within Step App. This new onboarding experience will help you understand the app better, ensuring an effortless transition into the world of Step App. Start moving, earning rewards, and embracing a healthy lifestyle with our move-to-earn fitness app.

If you don’t have the app yet and want to see what we’re talking about, now’s your chance

Sales Tab Update:

Our Sales Tab has undergone some major changes for existing users and new users.

Existing Users:

For our existing users, we've upgraded the interface of our sales tab, making it more clear and user-friendly. Available now for iOS users and soon for Android too, this update simplifies the purchasing process for in-game items. Additionally, with just a few clicks you can now take advantage of purchasing discounted Epic and Legendary SNEAKs via the Sales Tab. This means you will find our 5 different SNEAK rarities available as of now in the Sales Tab. 

We are also excited to announce that this tab will be where you can find all of our upcoming promotions and limited edition GEAR collections. We suggest you keep an eye on this tab, you never know what you will find waiting for you.

New Users:

For our new users, exciting changes await your first purchase experience. Starting now, your initial purchase can only be made from the Sales tab, using KCAL instead of FITFI. Make sure to have KCAL in your in-app spendings wallet to make your first purchase. 

You will automatically be given an exclusive, limited-time discount, valid for 7 days after you register your new account, with savings of up to 25%. You can choose between a 20% discount on a Common SNEAK or a Rare HEADSET, or opt for the ultimate 25% off bundle that includes a Common SNEAK and a Rare HEADSET. The discount is automatically applied to your profile and can only be used once, so make the most of it (you might want to purchase a bundle to get the most value for money). Once you make your first in-app GEAR purchase you will unlock our extensive marketplace where you can browse, explore and purchase even more GEAR and items such as GEMs to enhance your earning experience.

We have created this opportunity so new users can kickstart their journey with amazing discounts on GEAR that they will need to get moving and earning.

Launch of Email and Push Notifications:

To keep you informed and engaged, we've integrated both email and push notifications into the Step App experience. Push notifications play a crucial role in connecting with our users, delivering important and time-sensitive messages directly to your mobile device. Stay up-to-date with the latest announcements, challenges, and rewards, driving increased app usage and deeper engagement. Simultaneously, we've enabled email notifications, providing gentle reminders, personalised messages, and valuable links to our blog and Help Desk. These notifications will ensure you stay connected, informed, and supported throughout your Step App journey. Move-to-earn, track your progress, and receive notifications to guide your fitness endeavours.

As we continue to prioritise your fitness journey, these updates aim to make your experience with Step App even more enjoyable and rewarding. With our revamped onboarding process, new users will have a seamless entry into the app. The upgraded sales tab provides an improved purchasing and new-user experience, while the launch of email and push notifications keeps you informed and connected. 

Remember to always check for updates in the app store to ensure you have the latest version of Step App.

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