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February 16, 2023

Have you been wanting to give Step App a try before diving head first? Well now you can! Step App is introducing a Trial SNEAK for users without a sneaker. This is a SNEAK that you can use for free for one week while you explore the app and get moving!

A Word from Step App’s Head of Product, Mitya Gukaylo: 

"The introduction of a trial SNEAK is a huge step, not only for Step App, but also for its potential users. We are thrilled to give potential users the opportunity to test out Step App before committing to the full version. With apps we tend to see significant spikes in adoption and app usage when a trial version is released as this allows potential users to get used to the app and see if it works for them before any transactions. This will have a big impact on the growth of our user base!"

Here is what you need to know about the Trial SNEAK:


How will it work?

Accounts without a SNEAK will automatically receive the Trial SNEAK upon sign-up. There are no actions or codes necessary! For 7 days after opening a specialSHOEBOX, users will be able to experience and explore the app in a trial environment. 

The Trial SNEAK is only available to users that currently don’t have a SNEAK in their inventory. If you had a SNEAK before, or have SNEAK(s) on the shelf, you can still try out the Trial SNEAK.  

What kind of SNEAK will I receive?

Trial players will get an uncommon COACH SNEAK for 7 days.

Where can I find the Trial SNEAK? 

After following the usual onboarding process, relevant users will automatically find a temporary shoebox in their inventory tab. Just open the shoebox, and get started with the trial SNEAK that you will find inside.

Will the Trial game work the same as the full version? 

Users can earn Trial KCAL (this is a trial version of the in-app token) and check how much they earned in their in-game spending wallet, but they can also open chests and level up their SNEAK. More info on this can be found on our helpdesk


Will users earn actual KCAL on the trial?

Users will earn Trial KCAL which is not the same as earning Step App’s KCAL token. Trial KCAL is solely used in the trial environment. 

How long does the trial last?

This demo will last for 7 days after which you will need to purchase a sneak to earn while you move and continue using the app. 

Will users be notified close to the end of the trial?

You will see a timer at the top of the screen that shows how many days are left in the demo. When less than 24 hours are left, the timer will be marked in red. At the end of your trial you will receive a notification. 

What happens when the trial is over?

After the 7 days are over, users are not able to use the Trial SNEAK anymore. However, the Trial SNEAK can be burned to receive 10 bonus energy. There is no time limit on the expiration period to burn your Trial SNEAK and get that additional bonus energy. But, the sooner you start using the full version of Step App, the sooner you can start earning! Plus, you continue with a healthy habit of moving now that you have tested our trial version. 

Do you have to wait for the trial to end to purchase GEAR? 

No, you can buy a SNEAK or HEADSET anytime during the Trial Period of 7 days in the Sales Tab. There is no need to complete the 7 day trial. Also, if you purchase GEAR within 7 days of registering for the app you will automatically be given an exclusive, limited-time discount with savings of up to 25%. You can choose between a 20% discount on a Common SNEAK or a Rare HEADSET, or opt for the ultimate 25% off bundle that includes a Common SNEAK and a Rare HEADSET. The discount is automatically applied to your profile and can only be used once, so make the most of it (you might want to purchase a bundle to get the most value for money). Once you make your first in-app GEAR purchase you will unlock our extensive marketplace where you can browse, explore and purchase even more GEAR and items such as GEMs to enhance your earning experience.

Top 3 Reasons to Start Using Step App after the Trial Ends: 

  1. Liked moving on a regular basis? With the full version of Step App you can even make money and start earning for real! What are you waiting for?
  2. In the full version of Step App, you can discover more about the gamification elements. Each SNEAK has its own unique properties that allow you to earn while you walk, jog or run! You can buy, upgrade and even trade your SNEAK to build your dream collection. 
  3. The full version gives you access to additional features like the leaderboard! Stay motivated by competing to place on the leaderboards. 

In short, Step App helps you build a healthier and wealthier lifestyle while you have fun in the meantime!

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