Step App Features: In-App Purchases Explained

Step App Team
December 29, 2022

In December 2022, we made it possible for users to purchase in-app assets on iOS, Android & Web using energy and KCAL. In December 2022, we also allowed users to purchase using a unique in-app asset called COAL. COAL is an asset that you can only get when you open lootboxes, read more about it below. The implementation of in-app purchases facilitates transactions for in-game items, which will increase the value of tokens and in-game assets for our community. 

We launched this feature with 2 limited edition assets that can be found inside the SALES tab: Limited Edition Lootboxes and Festive Lootboxes. There are 3 primary ways to purchase them using bonus energy, KCAL and COAL. 

1. USE KCAL: Limited Edition Lootboxes

You can purchase a unique Limited Edition Lootbox using 1,499 KCAL. Inside these lootboxes you will find an Uncommon Shoebox which contains a high-value Uncommon Coach SNEAK! These SNEAKs are one of the rarest assets on the market. Not only are these SNEAKs extremely valuable, they are also the most versatile and adaptable type of SNEAK. If you have a Coach SNEAK you do not have to think about the speed you are moving at as it has the widest acceptable speed interval. This means you can maximise your earnings and return on investment with a Coach SNEAK. 

An added bonus: once you have two Uncommon Coach SNEAKs, you can use them to try minting a rare SNEAK. 

2. USE ENERGY: Festive Lootboxes 

For 10 bonus energy you can purchase a limited edition Festive Lootbox filled with valuable in-game items such as gems, energy and KCAL. Some of these lootboxes include limited edition SNEAKs from our Christmas collection. You will also find COAL inside, our newest in-game asset, when you purchase the lootbox. Not sure where to find your amount of bonus energy? On the main screen, tap ENERGY and see your bonus indicated in blue. 

3. USE COAL: Festive Lootboxes 

When you find COAL in your first Festive Lootbox , you can use it to purchase another Festive Lootbox which will cost you 10 COALs. Please note that the only way to get COAL is by opening a Festive lootbox which initially needs to be purchased with energy. If you acquire any COAL by opening a lootbox, it will appear in your spending wallet in the app.  

How to Purchase: 

  1. Click the marketplace icon on the menu at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Click the ‘SALES’ tab.
  3. Click the lootbox you want to buy & choose if you want to pay in energy, KCAL, or COAL - the payment method will depend on whether you are purchasing a Limited Edition or Festive Lootbox. At the bottom of the screen you will see the price in your selected form of payment. 
  4. Confirm the transaction. 
  5. Check your inventory to see the item you purchased. 

Why we love the Feature: 

  1. Increases the range of uses of your KCAL tokens and energy which gives the community more value for their tokens.
  2. It makes in-app purchases easier and more seamless as users will already have energy and KCAL in-app.
  3. You get a great deal on one of the highest valued in-game items, the Uncommon Coach SNEAK, which is currently significantly more expensive on the in-app marketplace.

Stay tuned for updates about this feature and announcements about new features that we are launching in Step App.

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