How to Increase Your GEAR’s Energy or Charge Levels

Step App Team
September 11, 2023
  • Optimise your GEAR's Energy or Charge for better in-game performance.
  • Understand how Energy and Charge impact gameplay and rewards.
  • Shelve multiple SNEAKs or HEADSETs to increase Energy/Charge supply.
  • SNEAKs have Energy, HEADSETs have Charge. 

How to Increase Your GEAR’s Energy or Charge

All GEAR within Step App comes equipped with a form of energy or charge. For SNEAKs, this reservoir is referred to as "Energy," while for HEADSETs, it's known as "Charge." Both terms denote a finite resource inherent in your GEAR, enabling you to earn rewards as you move. Once this resource—whether your SNEAK's Energy or your HEADSET's Charge — reduces to zero, your daily earning comes to a halt. The positive news, however, is that every 24 hours, your Energy and Charge levels undergo complete replenishment. Notably, since each unit is replenished separately, having at least 1 unit of Energy or Charge allows you to continue moving and earning as long as your stores last.

Did you know that 1 unit of Energy or 1 unit of Charge is approximately 1 minute of activity? 

Harnessing the Power of Bonus Energy/Charge

When it comes to maximising your GEAR's Energy/Charge, a well-thought-out strategy can make all the difference. If you possess multiple SNEAKs and/or HEADSETs, you have the opportunity to use a powerful strategy - Shelving. By shelving GEAR, you are able to make the most of all of your SNEAKs traits and also boost your available Energy or Charge supply. However, keep in mind that once you have put a SNEAK or HEADSET on the shelf, it cannot be returned, so it is important to consider what GEAR you are shelving.

The earning lies in accumulation – the more SNEAKs or HEADSETs you shelve, the more Energy or Charge you accrue. But you must also consider the base attributes of your GEAR. The sum of these attributes directly influences the Energy or Charge units you receive. This means that a higher sum translates to a more substantial energy boost, transforming your in-game performance and potential rewards.

It's important to note that the rarity of the SNEAK or HEADSET on the shelf directly impacts the bonus Energy or Charge it provides. This bonus Energy or Charge is only used when your main Energy supply is completely depleted, and you're still eager to hit the ground running. However, the daily bonus usage is limited to 10% of your main Energy or Charge supply, maintaining a balance between the two - for example, if your main supply is 100 units, the amount of daily bonus units is limited to 10.

Navigating the Charge and Bonus Charge Dynamics

The HEADSET brings the concept of "Charge" into play, functioning in a manner similar to Energy. One unit of Charge is approximately equivalent to one minute of activity. Like Energy, each unit of Charge restores independently, completing a full recovery cycle every 24 hours. Engaging in both running with a SNEAK and utilizing a HEADSET introduces the exciting prospect of earning an extra chest, adding a captivating layer to your rewards.

Maximize your GEAR's capabilities by strategically utilizing SNEAKs or HEADSETs, taking advantage of bonus Energy and Charge. Transcend boundaries for a gaming experience that is not only exhilarating but also exceptionally rewarding.

However, there is an Energy and a Charge limit - but part of the fun is finding out where exactly that limit lies.

Have you found the limit yet?

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