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March 31, 2023

Do you want to expand your in-game outfit to more than just your SNEAK? Or, have you been waiting for a more affordable way to get started with Step App? Well, the answer to both of these questions is here! Now you can with the new in-game item: the HEADSET. This item brings a wide range of benefits to users and we can’t wait to share more about it!


This new item is almost exactly like a SNEAK and is our new in-game asset. The design looks like a real pair of headphones and there will be different qualities available for purchase in the Step App Sales tab, all with different durabilities: Common, Uncommon and Rare. 

Already have a SNEAK? That’s not a problem. Users can wear HEADSETs and SNEAKs at the same time. With HEADSETs you can build your in-game ‘outfit’ and boost your earnings in style. If you equip yourself with both your SNEAK and HEADSET before you click “Start Run” you will be able to earn more KCAL than if you only were equipped with one item. However, you can also decide to move with only HEADSETs, the choice is yours.

Just like SNEAKs, HEADSETs need to be repaired after a run. There are also different levels of HEADSETs available, as well as attributes which differ slightly from those available for SNEAKs.

Key Details of the HEADSET: 

  1. 3 attributes: Activity, Luck, Resistance. This is different from a SNEAK which has 4 in total, and Balance as an additional attribute. 
  2. 2 Gem slots: existing gems can be used in these 2 slots. This is different from a SNEAK which has 4 gem slots. Read more about gem slots here.
  3. 5 Quality variations: Common, Uncommon and Rare HEADSETs are available now in the sales tab. Epic and Legendary HEADSETs will be released later. 
  4. 1 Chest: You can get 1 additional chest when you run with a HEADSET. This is different from a SNEAK, which could get you 4 chests. 
Available HEADSET Qualities

Shelving your HEADSETs

We've introduced a new feature to our platform that's going to make a big difference for our users. The shelving tab in the profile section now allows users to switch between SNEAKs and HEADSETs. This means that players will now be able to buy more than one HEADSET and shelve them for later use.

Now that players can shelve multiple HEADSETs they can run more and earn more because they can increase their ENERGY cap with shelved HEADSETs. With this new feature, players can maximise their potential and take their gaming experience to the next level!

What makes HEADSETs different from SNEAKs

HEADSETs are not exactly like SNEAKs. The main and most important difference is that they will have a lower price point than SNEAKs. This makes the game more accessible to a larger group of people and will allow more users to start earning while they move. However, keep in mind that you will earn a smaller percentage of KCAL in comparison to what you would normally earn with a SNEAK.

HEADSETs will function like Coach SNEAKs, allowing users to earn no matter the speed they are moving at. However, there will not be different types (e.g. Walker, Hiker, Racer, Coach) like there are for SNEAKs. At the moment there will not be a “shelf” for HEADSETs. 

The store of energy for HEADSET  is called ‘charge’. A HEADSET’s charge functions in the same way as a SNEAK’s energy, however the energy of your SNEAK will be separate from the charge of your HEADSET.

What we love about HEADSETs

They are a fantastic new in-game item for several reasons.

  1. Earn more KCAL. You will be able to earn even more KCAL if you already have a SNEAK by wearing both simultaneously when you move.
  2. Increased utility of KCAL. You can now use your KCAL to purchase HEADSETs which increases the utility and value of users’ existing tokens.
  3. Increased accessibility. With HEADSETS being a lower cost, this in-game asset makes Step App more accessible, allowing more users to start moving to earn with Step App.
  4. Creating an in-game outfit. Headphones now allow users to have other wearable items.

By lowering the cost barrier, new users now have the opportunity to start earning while they most. Even existing users can benefit as they are able to boost their earnings by adding another item to their ‘outfit’. 

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