FAT Points Claiming and FAT Lootboxes

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December 14, 2022

Earlier in 2022 we launched our FAT Points Referral Program. We launched this program to give back to our incredibly supportive and enthusiastic community.  Through the FAT points referral program, people received FAT points for every referral and other actions, such as connected wallets. By the end of the referral program on October 31st 2022, over 556 million FAT points were earned and we had over 12.6 million referrals.

FAT Points Rewards: FAT Lootboxes

The reward for earning FAT points comes in the form of “FAT lootboxes”. These FAT lootboxes are items that are unique to Step App. FAT lootboxes are filled with in-game items such as KCAL, gems and energy. Some people may even be lucky enough to win a SNEAK! To receive your lootbox you must claim your FAT points by December 31st. If you do not claim your FAT by this date you will lose these points.

Claiming and transferring your FAT points

Here are a few easy steps on how to do it:

1. Go to to claim your FAT points on-chain first. Connect your wallet, click the ‘claim FAT’ button and the points will transfer to your wallet (e.g. Metamask Wallet). If you don’t do this first you will not be able to get your lootboxes!

2. Go to your Web Wallet on & login to your account  

3. Connect your external wallet (e.g. Metamask). This wallet needs to be the same wallet you used to claim your FAT points.

4. Select FAT, then click TRANSFER & indicate the amount of FAT you want to transfer to your spending account.

5. Your FAT will appear in your in-game wallet.

Claiming your FAT Lootboxes

Once your FAT points are in your wallet, your lootboxes will appear in a new section under Account/Profile in the app. Claim your lootboxes there!

Lootbox Tiers

Lootboxes come in different tiers depending on how much FAT you have earned. The more FAT you have, the more levels of lootboxes you can open. There are 6 tiers of lootboxes. 

Tier 1: Common - 10 FAT

Tier 2: Uncommon - 21 FAT

Tier 3: Rare - 221 FAT

Tier 4: Epic - 1,600 FAT

Tier 5: Legendary - 1,701 FAT

Tier 6: Mythic - 28,000 FAT

The higher the tier of your lootbox, the higher and the more rewards you will receive.

The mechanism follows a ‘Russian nesting doll’ principle. Let’s explain with an example.

Suppose you have 1000 FAT points, this earns you a RARE lootbox, an UNCOMMON lootbox and a COMMON lootbox (since you have between 221 and 1,600 FAT).

- In this RARE lootbox, you will find rewards and 2 lootboxes: an UNCOMMON lootbox and a COMMON lootbox. The UNCOMMON lootbox will contain rewards and a COMMON lootbox (which in itself contains rewards).

- In the UNCOMMON lootbox will contain more rewards and a COMMON lootbox.

- The COMMON lootbox will contain only rewards..

This means that someone with a RARE lootbox receives multiple waves of rewards and 6 lootboxes instead of one!

FYI - opening lootboxes is free. As with other in-game items, you can speed up opening by burning FITFI.

If you have questions, head over to for more information, or contact our amazing support team there.

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