7-Day Challenge: Get ENERGY-tic with Usain Bolt

Step App Team
March 17, 2023

Are you up for a challenge? Get ready for an exciting 7-Day challenge with a grand prize of 3 high-valued SNEAKs and 15,000 FITFI! Compete with Steppers across the World for prizes and of course, bragging rights - this is a challenge that you won’t want to miss!

The Challenge

This is a 7-day challenge that will focus on being active and social sharing. Spend as much in-app ENERGY as you can during the campaign week to enter and invite your friends to join as well via socials! 

If you don’t already have the app, click here to enter and get started.

What is ENERGY?

Energy is the main resource in the game. Once you have a SNEAK you can begin moving using ENERGY. During your walks, jogs or runs you will use ENERGY. When your ENERGY runs out you will not earn any more KCAL and will need to wait for 23 hours for your ENERGY supply to be fully replenished. 

The more ENERGY you spend during this challenge, the better, as this will give you more tickets to participate in the lottery!

Who can participate?

Anybody! All you need to join is the app. This challenge is open to current Steppers and new users! New users are encouraged to check out our newest Trial SNEAK feature which allows you to try the app out for free for 7 days and take part in the challenge. 

How to Enter: 

Participating is simple, all you have to do is follow the 2 steps below:


Be active for 7 days and spend as much ENERGY as possible in the game! Step App users who spend more ENERGY during the campaign week will have a higher chance of winning. Existing users can use their own SNEAK(s) to participate and new users can use the free Trial SNEAK that is available for 7 days. 

To all new users: you can download the app here to get started.


Re-share the Usain Bolt Campaign video post on your socials (Twitter, Instagram or Facebook). Be sure to tag us @stepapp_ and include your referral code from the app. You can find your referral code under the ‘Profile’ Tab by clicking ‘Invite Friends’ 

Find the referral code in app under the Profile Tab

We’re giving more than one person an opportunity to win! 

Participants have the opportunity to win one of 5 amazing prizes: there will be a  $FITFI prize pool and 3 highly valued SNEAKs. The 5 winners will be randomly selected from all eligible participants*, and remember: the more in-app ENERGY spent, the higher chance you have to win.

*Make sure to complete the 2 steps listed above in this article to be an eligible participant in this challenge. Winners will be announced on our socials and contacted individually the week after the campaign ends.

The prizes up for grabs: 

  • Rare SHOEbox 
  • Uncommon SHOEbox
  • Common SHOEbox
  • 10k FITFI
  • 5k FITFI 

Get fit, stay energised! 

This competition will challenge users to stay active and fit, with the opportunity to win fantastic prizes. Are you ready to start moving ? If you are, check out our tips and resources for boosting your ENERGY both in and outside of the app. 

3 Tips for Boosting your In-App ENERGY from Head of Product, Mitya Gukaylo: 

This campaign is all about energy, so to help you have the best shot at winning one of our 5 amazing prizes we asked our Head of Product, Mitya Gukaylo, to compile his top 3 tips for boosting your in-app ENERGY. 

  1. Shelving SNEAKs. If you have more than one SNEAK, you can shelve a SNEAK to increase your available energy supply. The more SNEAKS you shelve, the more ENERGY you get. Click here to learn more about it.
  1. Choose your SNEAK wisely. The amount of ENERGY you get depends on the sum of the base attributes of your SNEAK. The higher the sum of your SNEAK’s attributes, the more units of ENERGY you can get. Learn more about selecting your SNEAK here.
  2. Turn on the notifications. When your energy is fully restored you will be notified. By doing this you can maximise your energy utility.

3 Tips for Boosting your overall ENERGY from global ambassador, Usain Bolt: 

Your physical health is just as important as your mental health and lifestyle. That’s why we have curated a few tips and resources for you to help you stay energised and in a healthy, positive headspace throughout your day.

Energise your body:

  1. Being active has been scientifically proven to boost your overall energy as it gets your blood flowing through your body. 
  2. Make time to cool down and stretch after your workouts

Energise your mind:

  1. Music to keep you motivated. We gave selected the best songs to get you pumped up for your next walk, run or sprint! Check out Usain Bolt's Beats for peak performance, or listen to the Step App team's Top Running Tracks.
  2. Meditations for mental clarity. Sink into a state of peace post-workout and recenter your focus for the rest of your day.
  3. Podcasts to keep you company while you move. What better time to listen to a great podcast than while you are on a walk or run? Here are a few we are loving and a bit of insight on what they are about. Click here for our podcast playlist.

Energise your life:

  1. Get enough restful sleep every night
  2. Nutrition: drink enough water. The recommended amount is half of your body weight (lbs) in fluid ounces (oz). 

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