10 Reasons You Should Join a Crypto Metaverse Today

Step App Team
November 16, 2022

10 Reasons You Should Join a Crypto Metaverse Today

The crypto Metaverse stands as a global virtual realm inviting individuals to participate, create, and flourish within a nurturing environment that boasts limitless possibilities.

Some herald it as the dawn of a new era for the internet, one destined to reshape our lives permanently. Much like the early days of the World Wide Web, the Metaverse is drawing in major brands and corporations, including behemoths like Facebook and Microsoft, keen on exploring and expanding their virtual presence. This unmistakably signals that the present is an opportune moment to embrace this evolving medium and leverage its myriad opportunities.

Picking a new crypto Metaverse to join is not easy, considering the plethora of options out there. For instance, Step App is a unique, innovative crypto Metaverse bridging real-world fitness activity with the virtual space. The platform allows you to stake tokens, mint and trade NFTs, play games, and compete in numerous challenges against friends or other players.

These activities merely scratch the surface of the abundant experiences awaiting in this exciting new virtual world. Explore further to uncover the top 10 compelling reasons why joining a Metaverse today is a decision worth making!

  1. A Crypto Metaverse Helps Build Sustainable Communities

Social media has underscored the significance of community involvement, showcasing the power of people sharing interests, hobbies, and goals to foster an inclusive space where everyone can flourish. The Crypto Metaverse elevates this concept to an unprecedented level, offering its members the proverbial keys to the kingdom.

In this virtual realm, individuals can converge to engage in a myriad of activities, spanning games to financial ventures, unlocking new and thrilling opportunities for a global audience. What sets it apart is the ability for participants to dictate the pace of growth and the objectives of the communities they shape.

Step App stands out as an exemplary community-oriented Crypto Metaverse initiative, rewarding users with a stake in the decision-making process. The platform incorporates a governance token, Move to Earn, NFTs with practical utility, and a fee structure that enhances the token economy of this Crypto Metaverse. For instance, Step App channels fees collected within its crypto metaverse to facilitate the repurchase of its tokens, enabling holders to vote on burning up to 50% of the repurchased tokens. This empowering mechanism gives the Step App community a voice in shaping the project's token deflationary strategy.

  1. A Crypto Metaverse Creates Rewarding Opportunities

The advent of crypto and Metaverse technologies has spurred a new form of online gaming. GameFi, short for gaming and decentralized finance (DeFi), allows gamers to get more than just a kick from their favorite games. Several Metaverse gaming platforms follow the P2E (play-to-earn) model, enabling people to gain financial rewards while playing.

In the long term, joining and being active in a crypto Metaverse could provide you with a source of income.

Step App is developing a gamified Crypto Metaverse for the fitness economy, which expands upon the existing play to earn model by creating the move to earn model. The platform enables users to earn rewards by walking, running, socializing, or playing various mobility based games. Furthermore, people can compete against their friends or other players in fitness challenges on a scale ranging from local to global levels.

Additionally, the project aims to include augmented reality (AR) and dynamic social experiences to become the “next joint frontier in the Crypto Metaverse and GameFi markets”.

  1. A Crypto Metaverse Helps You Generate and Build Wealth

The Metaverse offers limitless possibilities for financial growth. Thanks to unprecedented tools and applications, people can build wealth almost anywhere in the world. For example, users can lock their assets in a staking protocol that rewards them with passive income. Moreover, the protocol can use the funds to build liquidity for its development or for funding other initiatives. This way, the Crypto Metaverse grows and provides more value in the long term.

Step App is a crypto Metaverse with a dual-token economy. The platform enables its users to stake the primary token, FITFI, for the opportunity to win lootboxes with SNEAK NFTs or in-game skins. SNEAK NFT holders can stake their assets to earn KCAL, the platform's secondary token, which it issues once every epoch (10 days). However, the system will burn the earned KCAL if users un-stake their FITFI tokens before claiming KCAL tokens.

Step App rewards its users with some of the highest staking gains in the Metaverse. For instance, the project allocates 20% of the total FITFI token supply to staking and liquidity. Also, it uses up to 50% of NFT trading as staking rewards. Lastly, it distributes up to 50% of market-bought tokens to stakers.

  1. A Crypto Metaverse Allows You to Own Virtual Property

The evolution of ownership is taking on a form that may be less tangible than traditionally envisioned. Throughout history, individuals have gone to great lengths to possess physical assets such as land, art, real estate, gold, or vehicles. The Crypto Metaverse introduces a novel concept of ownership—virtual property.

From its inception, the metaverse has pledged to replicate almost any tangible possession in the digital realm. User-friendly protocols now facilitate ownership of virtual land, real estate, precious metals, and art on the blockchain. While these assets may lack physical presence, they carry substantial value; at times, a square meter of virtual land can surpass the cost of an equivalent area in the physical world.

Virtual property takes the form of NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, existing solely on the blockchain. Ranging from artwork to gaming items and profile pictures, each NFT is unique, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity that attests to its exclusive ownership.

Step App stands as a Crypto Metaverse project aiming to empower individuals to possess virtual assets, known as SNEAK NFTs—Metaverse-compatible virtual sneakers. Within this gamified Metaverse, users have the opportunity to "wear" SNEAK NFTs on their avatars while engaging in various fitness activities, generating KCAL tokens. These tokens, in turn, enable users to mint more SNEAK NFTs, expanding their collection for enhanced staking possibilities. Alternatively, users can explore trading these virtual assets within the platform's dedicated NFT marketplace.

  1. The Crypto Metaverse Is the Future Home of Technological Innovation

The Crypto Metaverse is still in its early development stages, similar to how the internet was in the early 1990s. However, this shared digital space advances much faster than the World Wide Web. Soon, we could expect most technological innovations to occur in the Crypto Metaverse.

In this virtual space, people can connect, build economies, and interact in real-time. There is no central authority imposing restrictions or establishing geographical limitations. As a result, everyone is welcome to create new products, services, and innovations. Users can generate value independently or as part of larger, interconnected communities.

Step App uses a native Metaverse, a.k.a. The Step Metaverse, fusing the digital and physical worlds. Its users can exercise, compete, play, and earn through various activities. Moreover, the platform combines utilizable NFTs with digital exercise, geo-location, real transactions, and a native crypto wallet. This produces a new economic model nourishing the Metaverse's long-term growth and sustainability.

  1. Crypto Metaverses are Promoting Low Transaction Fees

If you have been using blockchain-based applications for the past seven years, you may be familiar with transaction/gas fees. Generally, every event on the blockchain, such as trading a Crypto Metaverse token, incurs a network fee. This fee varies between blockchain networks and depends on numerous factors.

People new to blockchain-based products and services are unhappy with paying transaction fees. However, all protocols, including Crypto Metaverse platforms, must generate revenue somehow. Therefore, blockchains must impose an appropriate gas fee, preferably a minimal one. Unsurprisingly, users prefer platforms that charge them the least.

Many new Crypto Metaverse platforms are opting to use the slightly less popular alternative blockchains in the space instead of Ethereum, because they want people on their Metaverse to have the ability to pay low transaction fees. In fact, some Crypto Metaverses are even developing their own blockchains to not have to pay any network transaction fees on their Metaverse. The major push from Crypto Metaverse platforms for lower network fees could make a significant impact in the future of the entire crypto space. 

Step App (FITFI) is built on the Avalanche blockchain, which ensures users pay some of the lowest network transaction fees. Avalanche uses the proof-of-stake (PoS) consensus mechanism to provide optimal system security. Furthermore, Avalanche allows projects like Step App to develop rapidly without their users paying high gas costs.

  1. Statistics Show Crypto Metaverses Have a Bright Future

This virtual space is likely tomorrow's home for businesses, corporations, and brands worldwide. Similar to the early form of the internet, the Metaverse will progress past its current development phase into a far-reaching ecosystem with unlimited possibilities. That’s why joining a crypto Metaverse now is a must.

Joining a Crypto Metaverse platform, and trying to make something of yourself there today could possibly be similar to being one of the early YouTubers or E-commerce stores. In the early days of the internet people thought that making money over the internet was laughable, but now it has become a reality for many people around the world. However, it succeeded and brought many more rewards to its early supporters than the right to say “I told you so” to their friends.

Many people around the world believe that the Metaverse will be a large and valuable industry in the world in the coming years. According to Euronews Metaverse economies could have multiple revenue streams, which will allow them to create an $800 billion dollar industry. Euro News also reported that the Metaverse economy might even have the potential to someday contribute $3 trillion dollars to the global economy.  

Step App is doing its part to make the bright future of Crypto Metaverses a reality by collaborating with many crypto industry heavyweights and even some major athletes. Step is also constantly working towards creating a Crypto Metaverse that is economically sustainable, and not just pure hype.  

  1. A Crypto Metaverse Helps You Enter the Social Spotlight

Crypto Metaverses are growing ecosystems rapidly onboarding brands, businesses, and popular figures from all industries and walks of life. People and brands can leverage this nourishing environment to build partnerships, projects, and ground-breaking initiatives.

If your reason for entering a Crypto Metaverse is to build brand awareness, there is no moment better than now. Most Crypto Metaverse platforms are still in their early days, which is the perfect time to strike collaborations, attract capital and create a community around a project that you want to build on top of the Metaverse.

Step App is a crypto Metaverse developing one of the most easily recognizable brands in the industry. The project launched on DAO Maker, the industry-leading provider of SaaS solutions for nascent and growing crypto startups.

Additionally, Step App partnered with eight-time Olympic gold medalist and 11-time World Champion Usain Bolt. Their collaboration put the platform in the spotlight, attracting a global audience of crypto enthusiasts, Metaverse users, sports fans, and fitness lovers. The immediate result showed the power of crypto Metaverses as the app gained more than 20 million users since July 2022.

Step App aims to add to its list of illustrious partnerships with major brands and personalities to continue building brand awareness.

  1. Crypto Metaverses Have Virtual Assets with Utility

More people are joining Crypto Metaverse to reach their business or individual goals. This virtual space has a bit of everything for everyone, regardless of what you’re pursuing. For example, companies can use it for commercial transactions. Traders can use it to exchange or store valuable assets. Meanwhile, gamers can play new and exciting games while earning a passive income by being able to sell in game items for tokens. The list goes on almost endlessly.

A great Crypto Metaverse provides you with reliable assets and multiple utilities. This way, you can engage in almost any activity you desire to create, play, earn, or engage with other users. In the long run, these options help you generate value, build wealth, or play an essential role in project development.

Step App is a gamified crypto Metaverse for the fitness economy. Step sells virtual sneakers for their Metaverse through a collection of NFTs called SNEAK. Unlike most NFTs, these SNEAK NFTs have real utility, and allow people to earn rewards that have real monetary value. People with SNEAK NFTs in the Step App Metaverse can participate in move to earn initiatives, which allows them to earn rewards by moving around and exercising in the real world.  

  1. The Crypto Metaverse Is Here to Stay

One of the most striking attributes of the Crypto Metaverse is its increasing versatility. This technological advent bridges the virtual and physical realms, enabling users to get the best of both worlds. Almost any real-world activity can be replicated or simulated in this virtual space with limitless benefits and opportunities.

The Crypto Metaverse can incorporate augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and other technologies to create engaging applications and utilities. This new medium enables us to work, exercise, play games, attend events, trade, and showcase art virtually. With so many possibilities and more to come, we can rely on the Metaverse's persistence and say with certainty that it is here to stay.

Step App is a clear example of how a Crypto Metaverse can seamlessly incorporate everyday activities into a gamified virtual universe. Users can engage in fitness exercises, running, walking, and completing quests and PVP challenges to build value on the blockchain. Furthermore, they can mine, trade, and create NFTs, stake tokens, and play to earn in a highly lucrative environment.

Conclusion - Why Join a Crypto Metaverse Today

These are only 10 of the countless reasons to join a crypto Metaverse today. More are soon to follow as the virtual space expands, incorporating new and exciting ways to create, socialize, generate wealth, or simply have fun.

The number of Crypto Metaverse platforms is rapidly increasing with both promising and unsuccessful projects. A great one will help you build or join a like-minded community, provide you with rewarding opportunities, and enable you to own virtual property. Also, it should offer you multiple utilities, and a ticket to the social spotlight. Lastly, this platform should allow you to earn through numerous activities, but it should do this in an economically sustainable manner.  

Step App checks almost all the boxes above and is one of the most promising Crypto Metaverse projects. This rapidly growing ecosystem will let you mine, stake, and earn from various challenges, events, and fitness activities. Furthermore, you will enjoy low gas fees while using one of the most popular FitFi apps on the market.

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