Wellness x AI Livestream with Step App, SingularityNET, Usain Bolt and TENET Recap

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March 8, 2023

On March 8th, 2023, Step App kicked off an exciting partnership with key players in the wellness and AI industry during our first-ever livestream event. Joining forces with SingularityNET, the iconic Usain Bolt, and the forward-thinking TENET, we delved into hot topics like Wellness, Fitness, and the latest AI trends in the Health Industry.

This livestream was more than just a virtual meetup; it was a lively exploration of the intersection between technology, well-being, and fitness.

Meet Our Speakers

The livestream featured 4 incredible guests - who better to engage in the discussion about fitness, wellness and AI? 

  • Ben Goertzel: founder of Singularity NET and the ‘godfather of AI’
  • Usain Bolt: Step App’s global ambassador
  • Kirill Volgin: Step App’s CEO & AMA moderator
  • Su Park: Head of Partnerships at TENET

If you missed the livestream don’t worry, you can view the entire discussion on our Youtube channel and below we will be recapping highlights from the livestream.

Usain Bolt discusses being motivated to move by Step App

Step App ambassador Usain Bolt recently shared his insights on the synergy of fitness, finance, and motivation. According to Bolt, the combination of fitness and finance has sparked a revolution, transforming how people both get fit and earn money. He highlighted Step App's role in incentivizing and motivating individuals to stay in shape, describing it as having a personal trainer in your pocket every day, fostering a consistent desire to work out.

Bolt underlined the opportune moment, with summer just around the corner, to capitalize on the newly launched trial SNEAK and achieve both fitness and financial goals simultaneously. As he put it, "It shows the world how to move to earn." Now is the perfect time to leverage Step App and make strides towards a healthier and wealthier lifestyle!

All things AI with Ben Goertzel

SingularityNET allows for the creation, sharing, and monetization of AI services. It is the world's first decentralized AI network. As the founder of SingularityNET, Ben explained that due to advancements in technology, AI has continued to advance. He explains that the use of AI, blockchain and mobile technology in the form of apps like Step App nudges people to stay motivated. In this way AI can be very practical and helpful for people and their needs. 

Integrating Step App and SingularityNET allows data to be converted to insights that can be shared with users. Ben believes “AI is really transforming everything in a lot of complex ways” and allowing people to stay motivated and fit. 

Su Park discusses TENET and its partnership with Step App

Su Park, Head of Partnerships at TENET, sheds light on the unique nature of TENET, describing it as a "0 to 1 development in crypto" with no comparable protocols. Park also delves into EVA, an app dedicated to making AI and DeFi accessible and user-friendly, especially for older generations.

TENET, as a powerful ecosystem, plays a pivotal role by providing infrastructure for data capture. This strategic collaboration positions TENET as a crucial partner for Step App, especially as we navigate the expansion into the dynamic realm of AI. Together, we aim to carve out new possibilities and create a seamless experience at the intersection of fitness, technology, and artificial intelligence.

The Power of AI

After riveting discussions with our guests, our CEO, Kirill Volgin, demonstrated the power of AI using ChatGPT. The guests were blown away by the accuracy of this system that on demand, was able to write a workout schedule to become as fast as Usain Bolt, an Olympic acceptance speech and finally, lyrics for Usain Bolt's newest hit single! Take a look at the livestream to see this happen in real time.

ChatGPT writing a workout schedule for someone to become as fast as Usain Bolt

The livestream was packed with information and important discussions about the future of these key industries. From SingularityNET to the role of TENET in data capture, our guests covered it all. As the world begins to integrate more AI technology into systems and daily activities, like exercising, it is important for us to remain in constant dialogue and discussion about what we want this future to look like. 

Stay tuned for more livestreams with Step App and don't forget to watch the full livestream for all the insights and information our guests shared! Click to watch.

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