User FAQs answered: earning, Clash Duels, SNEAKs and more!

Step App Team
September 8, 2023

During our AMA sessions, users have submitted questions that they wanted answered. Missed the session? Here are the top questions and some key information you may want to know:

FAQs about In-App Assets

Q: What are the utilities of Genesis Shoes?

A: Genesis Shoes have better traits, cheaper repair and a better design.

Q: How many times can I walk with a SNEAK? Is there a time limit?

A: This depends on your Energy cap. If your SNEAK has better stats and you have shelved SNEAKs you will have more minutes that you can walk.

Q: Will lootboxes include all sorts of prizes or just energy?

A: We are changing the drop rates depending on the market and for every campaign we have different rewards contained in lootboxes.

Q: When I receive a chest after a run - at what moment is the reward being allocated? Is it straight after the run or it is decided that it’ll be X amount the moment I open it?

A: Luck influences the probability of getting a chest. The rewards are calculated for all chests independently prior to your run or opening the chest.

Q: In the current gem market, it seems that only the synthesis of green gems is profitable, and other gems are lower than the synthesis cost. How does the team plan to correct this problem?

A: The market is dynamic, so the situation is also dynamic. Anyone can merge or re-roll gems so you can always make a profit.

Q: In the stakers lootboxes we mostly get charge for HEADSETs. I don't have HEADSETs, will Step App be putting a reward in these lootboxes that are more universal e.g. KCAL or more SNEAKs or HEADSETs.

A: We will be looking into more universal options, however at the moment the rewards that are included in our lookboxes are the best! At the moment, we cannot give KC because it will have a negative effect on the overall KCAL price which will hurt our users, and GEAR is a valuable reward that we keep exclusive to giveaways and campaigns at the moment.

Q: Does Step App have any plan to lower the 20% fee for selling SNEAKs?

A: The fees will stay the same, because we need fees. These fees can prevent users from dropping the floor prices, motivate minters (shoeboxes don't have such high fees), earn FITFI from commissions that can be burnt or allocated to stakers

Q: Can Step App users get back their investment faster than other move-to-earn apps such as STEPN?

A: We have done competitor research and found the following: For Common-Uncommon GEAR the ROI is similar to others, but for Rare-Legendary GEAR, our ROI is 2-3 times better.

FAQs about App Features

Q: What is the max KCAL one can win in Clash?

A: Currently it's 30 KC but in time, we may make the prizes bigger.

Q: If I were to win a Clash Duel, I would be at a deficit of 1 KCAL based on the current value of FITFI. However, if I were to lose, it would be 25 x 0.47 net KCAL and plus 622 FITFI. Can you explain the benefits of playing Clash?

A: The fees for Clash are fixed. Basically that means that for some SNEAKs it's beneficial to play for others it's not as beneficial. But, imagine a situation when it's raining or you get sick. Before clash you would lose the possible income for the day and now you have a chance to get a good reward!

Q: What about chest, rank, energy, burn, all main functionalities that were disabled?

A: (1) Chests will be rebalanced soon (2) Rank is used when playing in a Clash Duel and it will be incorporated into upcoming features (3) Energy was restored and the limit on how much you can move is settled to keep the KC stable (4) Burn sadly won't come back in the near future or until a suitable solution is found.

Q: Have you ever played an AR game of Pokémon? We can learn some of these ideas, such as adding some exciting elements to the map that people can aim at with their app. For example, add some treasure chests to the map, and the opening condition is the luck attribute.

A: Yes, we are working on AR integration but only after other features have been released. They may not be as exciting as AR integrations but the effort/result ratio is much higher.

FAQs about our Tokens

Q: What kind of benefits will there be for long term stakers?

A: There will be more benefits related to the game and the Step Ecosystem like our launchpad. Stay tuned for more details!

Q: Can you tell me more about staking and the rewards?

A: Stakers are not getting any rewards right now, but that's because this staking is not inflationary, which can only lead to higher sell pressure. The pool from all DEX fees is being accumulated, there will be a vote after Q4 where the DAO will decide what to do with these rewards — burn, distribute, etc. There will also be an advantage for longtime stakers.

Q: What is happening with StepEX and SPEX in particular?

A: We are planning the huge Staking 2.0 update in the future!

Q: There is a problem with Multichain and we can not bridge to and from Step App. For example, participants of Rejuve can not bridge RJV to stake them. Is there a solution?

A: For FITFI bridging from AVAX to STEP you can use this link. Also you can try to send tokens to an exchange that supports both networks and then withdraw with the network you need. Regarding Multi-Chain or RJV, we are not directly related to these projects. The relation we had in the past with RJV is that Rejuve was the 2nd project released on our Launchpad.

Q: What new measures does the team take to stabilise the price of big cards? Now the burning is turned off, and the bonus energy is reduced, but the KCAL is still slowly decreasing.

A: The long term solution is to attract new users, which will be our main goal for the upcoming months. Currently we are optimising the economy and making useful features for new users (onboarding, notifications, tips, etc). If we kept burning and 100% bonus energy the KC would be much much lower.

FAQs about our Ecosystem

Q: What about the DAO, limit trading, futures etc discussed at the launch of StepEX? 

A: We have plans for SPEX, but right now there is no active development. In the current market, we consider it advisable to focus on the main products that generate the bulk of income for the ecosystem. But early stakers will be rewarded in the future.

Q: Will we see metaverse integration this year?

A: We have more important features to release, but you may see some AR/VR integration.

Q: How would you describe the product progress and do you think goals are being accomplished in a timely manner?

A: We are planning to shift from gamified features to various solutions that attract more users and increase user retention, such as game economy updates (Chests), new onboarding, notifications/emails, motivational features, more user friendly UI/UX and new marketing activities, including partnerships.


Q: What about the next launchpad project?

A: We have negotiations with multiple projects every day but we want it to have the same success as previous projects (10X+) the final project will be announced soon!

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