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Trying the Trial SNEAK: A 7-Day Series!

Step App Team
July 6, 2023

Not sure how to get started with our Free 7-Day Trial SNEAK? One of our enthusiastic Step App users documented her week of using the Trial SNEAK, exploring the app and starting her fitness journey! Check out her video diary below:

DAY 1: Downloading Step App and Getting Started

DAY 2: Getting moving using the Trial SNEAK

DAY 3: Exploring the Trial SNEAK and Step App's Spotify Playlists

DAY 4: Rest Day, because everyone needs one!

DAY 5: Going for an evening walk with a Trial SNEAK

DAY 6: Building habits and next steps

DAY 7: Burning your Trial SNEAK and choosing your GEAR

Top 3 Reasons to Start Using Step App after the Trial Ends:

  1. Liked moving on a regular basis? With the full version of Step App you can even make money and start earning for real! What are you waiting for?
  2. In the full version of Step App, you can discover more about the gamification elements. All of our GEAR (HEADSETs and SNEAKs) have their own unique properties that allow you to earn while you walk, jog or run! You can buy, upgrade and even trade your GEAR to build your dream collection.
  3. The full version gives you access to additional features like the leaderboard, clash duels and more! Stay motivated by competing to place on the leaderboards or competing in a Clash duel to increase your earnings.

In short, Step App helps you build a healthier and wealthier lifestyle while you also have fun!

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