Christmas 2022 Giveaway: 7 DAYS. 10 SPECIAL EDITION SNEAKS. 1,000 LOOTBOXES.

Step App Team
December 19, 2022


Happy Holidays everyone!

This holiday season is about joy and giving. So this Christmas Step App is giving YOU the best we have to offer. Step App is hosting a Christmas Giveaway, here's what you need to know:

  • When? December 21st, 10AM UTC until December 28th, 10AM UTC
  • Who is eligible? New users who deposit a minimum of 1,000 FITFI into their in-game Spending Wallet.
  • What is the Prize Pool? 1000 lootboxes, 10 Special Edition Coach SNEAKs.

How to Participate 

1. Download Step App 

Click for iOS Download

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2. Register and Create an Account

Need some help getting started? Check out this blog post.

3. Deposit a minimum of 1,000 FITFI into your Step App Spending Wallet

Click to learn about how to deposit FITFI.


You are automatically a participant if you are a new user and deposit a minimum of 1,000 FITFI within the campaign period. Keep reading on how to increase your chances!

How it Works

The more FITFI you deposit into your in-game Spending Wallet as a new user, the more chances you have at winning one of the lootboxes in our prize pool and a Special Edition Christmas SNEAK. Eligible users get lottery tickets based on the total amount of FITFI deposited during the entire campaign period.

For example:

If you deposit 600 FITFI into you in-game Spending Wallet on Dec 22nd, 400 FITFI on Dec 23rd, and 500 FITFI on Dec 26th, you would have deposited a total of 1,500 FITFI. This means you will receive 1 entry. 

Here’s our deposit-to-lottery entry breakdown: 
1K FITFI - 1 entry

2K FITFI - 2 entries

4K FITFI - 4 entries

6K FITFI - 6 entries

10K FITFI - 10 entries

20K FITFI - 20 entries

40K FITFI - 40 entries

and so on…. 

Step App's Special Edition Christmas Collection 2022

10 of the 1000 lootboxes will contain COACH SNEAKs (the most valuable type of SNEAK in Step App) from our exclusive, Special Edition Christmas Collection! Even better? 9 of these Coach SNEAKs will be Special Edition Common SNEAKs and 1 lucky winner will WIN a Special Edition Uncommon SNEAK! 

We will draw the lucky winners after the campaign ends and announce them before the end of the year.

We wish you a Happy, and very lucky, Holiday and New Year!

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This campaign is only open to new users (meaning first time registrations) who deposit of at least 1,000 FITFI into their in-game Spending Wallet. Users have to sign up AND deposit this minimum amount (1,000 FITFI) within the campaign period to be eligible.

Eligible users can win more than one lootbox. Lootboxes are distributed randomly among the winning ticket holders.

Step App holds the right to disqualify any user in case of any abuse.

Step App Team
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