Behind the Scenes with Usain Bolt and Step App: Japan Edition

Step App Team
March 24, 2023

Step App had the pleasure of working with Usain Bolt on a fun and exciting video shoot in Tokyo, Japan. The recording took place before we kicked off our Annual Step App Conference, which brought together Steppers, fitness enthusiasts, from around the world to discuss the future of health and wellness and how this intersects with Web3 technology.

A word from former CMO, Jan Van Decraen: 

“For this new brand video, we opted for a script that highlights the app's use case but at the same time injects fun into the equation, since, let's be honest, working on your fitness can be hard sometimes. So in our message we have to balance between 'this is the app, this is what it does, download it now' and 'it's your journey, it will be hard sometimes but we are here to make it fun and feel less like a task”. 

“On top of that, we have to make sure we are able to communicate with a global audience. In other words: different languages and cultural nuances # #. Instead of having someone dub the original audio/video, matching it to the video, adding subtitles and going through the entire review process again, we chose to not give the actors any lines, and work only with a storyteller in the background. We let the facial expressions do the talking. This way we can easily replace the storytelling voice in multiple languages and upload subtitles in no time..”


The video shoot took place at the Tokyo American Club with a view on one of Tokyo's most iconic locations, the Tokyo Tower. We want to give you an exclusive behind the scenes view on the making of this video. All factors considered (unpredictable Tokyo weather, final to do’s for the conference, logistics, …), in true Step App spirit, our team were determined to make the shoot a success. 

Recording the video was fun, and an opportunity to showcase the power of Step App and the importance of leading an active lifestyle. With the final product we want to inspire our users to get up and get moving, and to strive towards their goals with the same determination and focus as Usain Bolt. As a true professional throughout, he brought his trademark energy and charisma to every frame.

You can have exclusive access to more images from the shoot here:

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