10 Reasons Why You Should Use Move to Earn Apps

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November 16, 2022

If you believe that achieving fitness is the ultimate reward from your exercise routine, prepare for an eye-opening revelation. Enter the realm of Move to Earn apps, poised to elevate the advantages of your workouts to unprecedented heights. Picture this: crypto rewards, NFT staking, and exclusive entry into the upcoming market economy.

While building muscle and shedding fat undoubtedly empower you, imagine turning your efforts into a source of income as well.

Explore further to unveil ten compelling reasons to embrace Move to Earn apps today, ensuring you never break a sweat without earning a dime again!

Move to Earn Apps in a Nutshell

Move to Earn is a straightforward concept for an emerging trend of blockchain-based products. A Move to Earn application will track your physical activity and reward you accordingly in various ways within its crypto ecosystem. So, your daily walks, gym workouts, and morning jogs can get you crypto assets, NFTs, and other perks besides the health boost.

Here are the top 10 reasons you should use a Move to Earn app!

  1. Move to Earn Makes Every Step Rewarding

Move to Earn apps leverage intelligent sensors embedded in your mobile device, including GPS and step-counters, to meticulously monitor your physical activity. Moreover, these apps immerse you in a myriad of tasks, quests, and contests designed to enhance your rewards based on your performance—an aspect reminiscent of play-to-earn (P2E) games, a blockchain-based concept where players earn crypto rewards for in-game achievements.

Employing a Move to Earn app opens up a spectrum of earning opportunities, varying depending on the specific app. While many apps offer rewards for exercising, some extend benefits to activities such as trading within the app's marketplace, staking, or minting digital assets. Take, for example, Step App, a trendy fitness application that not only incentivizes users for walking, exercising, and running but also encourages participation in Clash Battles and AI-assisted workouts of various difficulty levels.

  1. Move to Earn is a Technological Revolution

Blockchain technology has spurred a new world of possibilities for many sectors, most of which seemed to have reached their endgame years ago. After all, a few years ago, fitness apps would reward you with quirky emojis or a small discount for sports shoes at most. Soon, with the integration of Move to Earn, people will get the chance to earn a regular income from the same physical activities.

Fitness Finance (FitFi) is the digital market economy incorporating Move to Earn applications. It is a rapidly evolving hybrid between the traditional fitness sector and new technologies, including: web3, blockchain, and NFTs. Its purpose is to turn the boring old fitness industry into a more social, competitive space that comes with interesting financial rewards.

FitFi combines the gym, health, and fitness club industry with the gaming sector, worth hundreds of billions. Move to Earn will bring fitness lovers, gamers, crypto enthusiasts, and traders on the same platform for one of the most lucrative markets of the future.

You can be part of it by using Step App, one of the top Move to Earn apps. This application allows you to earn while exercising, playing with your friends, or competing against millions of strangers worldwide. Furthermore, it enables you to dip your toes into a sea of crypto-winning opportunities through staking and farming.

  1. You Can Use Move to Earn Apps Anytime and Anywhere You Want

Move to Earn apps only require your smartphone and an internet connection to start rewarding you for physical activity, much like regular fitness apps. However, unlike conventional fitness trackers, these apps connect to a new world using technological features such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

Move to Earn Apps utilize blockchain technology, ensuring the safety of your progress on an immutable distributed ledger. This means you can exercise anywhere, anytime, without worrying about losing your performance results. As an example, Step App operates as a subnet on the Avalanche blockchain platform, providing a secure and convenient decentralized ledger.

  1. Move to Earn Offers Passive Income from In-App Assets

With Move to Earn earning a passive income could be just as easy as a walk in the park, literally. Move to Earn apps enable you to access new ways of attracting wealth in the crypto space. One of them is through staking, a standard tool of decentralized finance.

Staking is the practice of locking crypto assets for a specific period for various reasons, such as supporting the functioning of a blockchain or an application. In return for staking your assets, you earn more crypto or other classes of digital assets.

Step App is a Move to Earn app that allows users to stake their NFTs for future crypto rewards. Furthermore, the app lets you stake its main token, FITFI, for the chance of winning SNEAK NFT loot boxes. Next, you can stake your earnings for the opportunity to gain even more in the long run.

Not all Move to Earn apps support staking. However, Step App allocates 20% of the total FITFI token supply to staking and liquidity. Furthermore, it gives users up to 50% of NFT trading as a reward for their stakes. Finally, it buys back tokens off the market to maintain its deflationary nature and distributes up to 50% to stakers.

  1. Move to Earn as Part of a Global Community

One of the most rewarding aspects of Move to Earn apps is socializing with people worldwide. Traditional fitness trackers provide you with plenty of stats on your workout performance. You can then post them on social media to get a few charity likes from your mom and friends. Besides that, they do very little to connect you with like-minded people.

On the other hand, Move to Earn apps give you numerous avenues for socializing. For example, with Step App you can start or join contests against friends, strangers, and other runners or fitness enthusiasts worldwide. Every quest has appropriate rewards to keep you off the couch and on the track as you make new acquaintances.

Alternatively, you can still enjoy the same perks of Step App if you are a lone runner. The app will still let you participate in contests, where the goal is to improve your results regularly. In this emerging web3 world, everyone has a chance to earn whether they move alone or as part of a harmonious community.

  1. Using an Move to Earn App is More Affordable than You Think

All this talk about up-and-coming technologies could lead many to believe that Move to Earn apps are expensive. That could not be farther from the truth. In fact, Move to Earn apps come at a significantly reasonable cost compared to what they offer. However, truth be told, they are not entirely free.

Move to Earn apps run on blockchains, and utilize decentralized ledgers that require consensus mechanisms to expand and function properly. Every event on these networks comes with an energy cost or gas fee. This is the price that computers pay to validate transactions. Subsequently, the operations of a Move to Earn app require users to pay for those energy costs.

Fortunately, using a Move to Earn app is affordable, especially if it runs on a cost-effective blockchain like Step Network. Step App uses this network to enable you to use it safely and for some of the lowest transaction fees in the industry. Ultimately, using a Move to Earn app should not cost you more than what you pay for a traditional fitness tracker.

  1. Move to Earn Apps Can Link Users with their Sports Heroes

Most fitness tracking apps focus on delivering your performance stats, which are handy. However, they tend to be repetitive in the long run. This could be why many users give up on them and often quit exercising altogether.

Move to Earn apps take fitness tracking a step further by connecting users with a worldwide community, which often includes celebrated athletes. This way, you can do more than just monitor your progress. You can also see how other people perform and get motivation from accomplished athletes.

This is the case of Step App, the popular Move to Earn app that recently teamed up with eight-time Olympic gold medalist and 11-time World Champion Usain Bolt. Their collaboration allows the platform to increase brand awareness and credibility. Unsurprisingly, the app has gained more than 20 million potential users' interest since July 2022, when the collaboration news first surfaced online.

  1. Move to Earn Apps Help You Increase Your NFT Collection

Most Move to Earn apps incorporate NFTs, one of the most popular classes of digital assets. Since their emergence in the late 2010s, non-fungible tokens have attracted the interest of hundreds of millions worldwide. Many consider these digital goods more valuable than material possessions in the long run. Unsurprisingly, the global market for NFTs is estimated to reach over $230 billion in the next decade.

Financial fitness applications like Step App use NFTs to engage you and help generate more wealth. Furthermore, it allows you to increase your NFT collection if you already have one.

Step App lets you buy, mint, and earn SNEAK NFTs, digital token representations of sports shoes. You can use these NFTs within the app to generate KCAL tokens. Next, you can go on a rewarding spiral by using your KCAL tokens to mint more SNEAK NFTs, which give you more KCAL, more SNEAK minting options, and so on. Lastly, you can trade them in the platform’s proprietary NFT marketplace.

  1. Move to Earn Apps Never Stop Rewarding You

You will always have the chance to win rewards if you keep using your Move to Earn app. After all, you only need to move and exercise regularly to build a form of passive income. Nevertheless, some will help you attract gains even when you are less active. Furthermore, based on how active, and competitive you are on the Move to Earn app your rewards could be significantly higher than the average user.

That’s the case of Step App, the Move to Earn app rewards people based on how active, and competitive they are compared to other people within their fitness community. Simply put, the app adds a level of competitive thrill to your regular, mundane exercise routine by placing a competitive element to it through the use of financial incentives.

  1. Move to Earn Apps are Not Difficult to Use

Using a Move to Earn app will be easy and natural if you own a smartphone. You don't even need to have experience in using fitness trackers to understand how Move to Earn works. This concept is easy to grasp even by the least savvy of users.

For example, Step App uses an easy-to-navigate interface to help improve user experience. Newcomers should find it easy to navigate and understand how to earn just by being active. From there on, you can practice any type of fitness activity you prefer to start getting rewards. Engage in traditional exercises, running, walking, or completing quests and PVP challenges to build value on the blockchain. Lastly, you can mint, trade, and shelve NFTs, in a play-to-earn environment to add to your gains.

Start Using a Move to Earn App Today

The optimal moment to commence your journey with a Move to Earn app is right now. Seizing the opportunity as an early adopter offers various advantages that will unfold in the future, including the ability to acquire and secure a deflationary token like FITFI.

A highly recommended choice in this category is Step App, standing out as one of the rare Move to Earn apps that excels in meeting all the criteria mentioned. This platform ensures financial rewards for each step taken, whether individually or as part of a community. Additionally, it facilitates the purchase, minting, and using of NFTs, providing a versatile and accessible experience at a reasonable cost, even allowing users to share the stage with renowned athletes.

Step App boasts user-friendly navigation and a plethora of rewarding possibilities. Registering on the platform with your email address not only initiates your journey but also rewards you with a Trial SNEAK NFTs as a welcome gesture. Embrace the possibilities today for a future filled with lucrative benefits.

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