Artificial Intelligence Disrupting $5 Trillion Health and Life Insurance Markets

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Machine Learning With a Real Use Case

Step ecosystem is home to hundreds of thousands of users who participate in fitness, generating valuable health data. This data is precious to multi-billion dollar insurance firms.

However, Step ecosystem is re-defining big data utility. Rather than value through its scale, the ecosystem uses AI for market efficiency – for you.

AI for Good: Savings for the Masses

Step ecosystem has developed proprietary AI that to track the active lifestyle of users. This anonymized data signifies to insurance firms which customers are of low risk to utilize insurance claims.

This allows insurance providers to become more competitive by reducing cost for those who pursue an active lifestyle.

AI That Serves Everyone, Seamlessly

Step 1

Download Step App and fulfill fitness quests.

step 2

Maintain daily activity to demonstrate commitment to stay healthy.

step 3

Step AI anonymizes your data and enables providers to offer discounts through the marketplace.

Sustainable Earnings The Future of Move-to-Earn

Through Step ecosystem’s AI product, move-to-earn reaches a new form of sustainability. Billions of people across the world pay insurance premiums.

Now, they can earn large chunks of their premium back due to discounts and rebate simply by moving.

A New Frontier for $FITFI

Step economy is entering a stage where it capitalizes on the

$5 trillion

health and life insurance markets.

Easier Mainstream Pull

While NFTs are a novel subject for the masses, insurance is a well-understood product. Savings on such a high consumption service make Step attractive at a global household scale.

Adoption at Scale

Insurance needs create a demand among people who never touched crypto before. The user friendliness of Step App makes it easy to shift newcomers to other Step ecosystem products.

Marketplace Fees

Purchase of discounted insurances through the Step marketplace generates commissions. These can be used to boost FITFI market liquidity.

Join the Right Side of AI Expansion: Health, Fitness, Savings, and Earnings

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